Where girls have the opportunity to learn, grow and immerse themselves in life at Melbourne Girls Grammar.

The Boarding House is an integral part of Melbourne Girls Grammar and we are proud to offer girls from Years 7 – 12 the opportunity to experience community living within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We primarily offer full-time boarding, with limited placement available for day students as sessional boarders.

With all boarding students residing in one house, boarding life at the school is full of cultural richness and diversity – a safe and supportive environment for all girls whilst away from home.

Our boarders are fully engaged in our student community and are widely represented in student leadership groups.

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we offer something of interest for every girl, including:

  • Extensive co-curricular activities in arts, music, sports and drama
  • The opportunity to join clubs and committees, integrating with other year groups and day girls in the school community
  • Leadership opportunities within the Boarding House and beyond
  • Community service opportunities
  • Social activities, organised excursions and boarders’ leave

Our Community

Melbourne Girls Grammar has been welcoming boarding students (Years 7 – 12) to the School since 1893.

Our community is close-knit and maintains a rural focus with more than 70 per cent of girls coming from a regional or rural background, complemented by expatriate, international and sessional boarders.

Our boarders embody our School values in a unique way.

They have integrity by being honest with themselves, they are courageous to live away from home, they are compassionate for others, and have self-discipline to manage their schooling, homework and cohabiting with other students in the Boarding House.

Living and Learning in Melbourne

Boarders live in the heart of the school and the heart of Melbourne.

Undoubtedly the arts, sporting and culinary capital of Australia, Melbourne is a multi-cultural city. It has forged its own distinctive character and it welcomes millions of international visitors to the city each year.

Along with international galleries and museums, Melbourne is a place where theatre and other performance arts also thrive.

A short walk from MGGS is Melbourne’s sporting precinct, where Australian Rules Football, soccer, tennis and cricket, among other sports are hosted regularly, drawing thousands of spectators.

MGGS takes full advantage of its position as the only independent girls school in the City of Melbourne by ensuring girls benefit from all that the city has to offer – from a diverse and eclectic fashion design scene, to local eateries and other attractions, like the Royal Botanic Gardens all within five minutes walk.

With a comprehensive public transport system, Melbourne has ample opportunity for guided exploration, or weekend social activities for students on boarders’ leave.