Boarding at Melbourne Girls Grammar

Boarding at Melbourne Girls Grammar

Melbourne Girls Grammar Old Grammarian Zoe Reynoldson reflects on her boarding experience and exciting prospects ahead.

Melbourne Girls Grammar (MGGS) sits on the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Yarra River, and is just a short walk to the MCG and the CBD. Scholarships article for students in Years 5, 7, and 9. Old Grammarian Zoe Reynoldson from Berrigan NSW, started at MGGS on a boarding scholarship in Year 9 and graduated in 2014. Zoe shares her experiences of school, boarding, and her future aspirations.

Photo: Zoe (second from left) with friends and former MGGS students Marina, Matilda and Matilda

Why did you choose Melbourne Girls Grammar?

My family is from Berrigan in NSW and they wanted to send me to an independent school that offered boarding in Melbourne. After looking at multiple other boarding schools, my parents and I decided that the MGGS Boarding House was the best fit for me. The boarding house had a really welcoming and friendly feel and a strong focus on community and ‘family’ amongst the girls and staff in the house.

How did you find boarding and school life?

I loved living with all my friends in the boarding house and all the special time we spent together. I also thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of sports the school offered. Growing up in a rural town, the sporting options were inevitably limited, so I was fortunate to play a range of new sports at MGGS such as rowing and athletics.

What have you been up to since graduating from school?

I recently graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce, where I majored in Economics and Management. Whilst at university I was lucky enough to attend Queen’s College. I found the transition from school to college quite easy given I had already boarded for three years and knew the city well. I am about to move to Sydney to pursue a graduate program in Marketing and Sales with Bayer, an international pharmaceutical and chemical company, which I hope opens up exciting future job opportunities.

How has your schooling helped get you to where you are now?

Living away from my parents from the age of fourteen was challenging at times, but I truly believe it shaped the person I have become and the independence I have developed. The motivation and drive from the teaching staff was a key factor to my schooling achievements. Furthermore, being surrounded by other likeminded girls who were striving to achieve great results helped me to succeed at school, and set up my journey into the workforce.

Do you still stay in touch with the school and your peers?

The friends I made at school in the boarding house are to this day still some of my closest friends. I see them regularly either at university or on weekends. Although we have all chosen different career paths, we catch up on a regular basis and keep in touch.

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