The MGGS Difference

Melbourne Girls Grammar is a leader in girls’ education. We take the education of girls very seriously, ensuring our Grammarians are active participants in their learning.

Our innovative learning approach strives to facilitate an education based on sharing knowledge, skills and experience. 

We do this by: 

  • Aligning with world-class institutions to offer our students access to further education programs, whilst still studying at Melbourne Girls Grammar.
  • Providing our Senior Years students with an innovative learning and wellbeing program
  • Offering flexible learning spaces to ensure learning is a dynamic experience for both teachers and students
  • Leveraging new technologies to enhance programs, encourage collaboration and create self-directed and self-paced learning opportunities.

Challenge and choice are key elements to our progressive educational outlook. We are and always have been an innovative, forward-thinking school. Melbourne Girls Grammar graduates leave the School with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to navigate whatever life throws their way.

Melbourne Girls Grammar encourages and supports students to look outside their own community and provides authentic opportunities to engage with emerging technologies, arming the next generation with skills for the future. This enables Grammarians to interact with companies and industry sectors solving real-world problems, attend internships, attain micro-credentials and meet with visiting entrepreneurs to share experiences.

We offer a completely customised learning program to give our students an edge while encouraging individual passions.

A Girl’s Education

Melbourne Girls Grammar’s approach to teaching and learning is based upon substantial research into how girls reach their full potential.

Within our learning environments, our students demonstrate confidence and participate fully, challenging themselves and each other, knowing that a comprehensive support network is behind them each step of the way.

Not only does research indicate that an all-girls approach lends itself to improved academic results and more positive, supportive and collaborative student interaction, it also shows there are fewer behavioural issues in all-girl environments.

Our students are also equipped with the knowledge and skills required to overcome social and cultural gender biases. This helps them to actively break stereotypes, gives them more opportunities to exercise their voice and motivates them to lead.

The bonds between students developed during schooling are long-lasting. Alumnae often see their classmates as lifelong friends, mentors and as part of their personal social network. 

We provide a holistic education experience so our students can discover who they are meant to be:

  • A Melbourne Girls Grammar education prepares students to excel in any pathway they choose. We focus on teaching the whole girl and attribute our success to a holistic focus on wellbeing and academics
  • We offer more than 60 co-curricular activities so our girls can discover their passions
  • In our Senior Years Program, coaching is a part of each girl’s school week. We pair a student with a coach to keep girls on track towards ‘the big picture’.