International Students

Melbourne Girls Grammar offers all students a world of possibility and opportunity to discover their passion.

Melbourne Girls Grammar is the only independent girls’ school in the City of Melbourne. Within walking distance of Melbourne’s world-class sporting and cultural precincts, the school has unparalleled access to the city for students to explore, discover and immerse themselves in the Melbourne way of life.

International students are integral to bringing new perspectives to our community and we support these students throughout their education with us.

International students must live within the Boarding House or with a parent.  

How to Apply

All international students must complete an AEAS test or agreed equivalent.

AEAS test results provide detail regarding the student’s proficiency in English and is one of the measures of the candidate’s suitability.

Other means of determining suitability include school-based assessments and conduct during the enrolment interview. Applicants will preferably attain the minimum scores outlined below:

Year Level

AEAS Score


7-9 46+ Intermediate
10 60+ Upper Intermediate
11  80+ Advanced 

For a comprehensive look at Melbourne Girls Grammar for international students, we recommend downloading our handbook. You can also find out more about events and activities in which international students have taken part over the past couple of months in the international students newsletter.

Application Process


Parents or their representatives submit an online Application for Enrolment with required documentation:

  1. Copy of AEAS test results
  2. Copy of past three years’ school reports
  3. Birth certificate


The relevant Director of Programs will review the Student Application and supporting information.


Families are invited to attend an enrolment interview with the Principal or her delegate (usually the Director of Programs). This may occur via Skype where necessary. It is the responsibility of the family to organise an interpreter if required.


The Principal is the only person who can issue a Letter of Offer.  When an offer has been issued, parents have 14 days to accept by completing and returning the International Student Agreement documentation and by paying tuition fees for two terms and boarding fees for two terms (where boarding is required) in advance.

Offers are conditional upon the student reaching required English proficiency for the year level of entry. Reports from the Language School will form part of this assessment.


Confirmation of Enrolment and Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare documentation will be prepared upon the payment of the fees.

International Agents

To aid in the enrolment process, Melbourne Girls Grammar has partnered with a number of international agencies.  We encourage you to contact an agent in your region for additional assistance.

Please note the school does not offer support with VISA applications and cannot provide guidance on this matter.


Year of Study 2018 Annual Fee 2018 Term Instalment
Year 5 -12 46,992 11,748
Boarding Years 7 to 12 27,516  6,879