Leadership & Council

Melbourne Girls Grammar is a progressive, contemporary and independent school which has delivered an exceptional education for girls from Early Learning to Year 12 for 125 Years. 


The Leadership Team at Melbourne Girls Grammar has oversight for all aspects of the School’s operations.

Catherine Misson


Christopher McNamara

Deputy Principal of Program Design and Development

Lynn Broadway

Deputy Principal of Staffing and Operations

Kellie Morgan

Director of Early Learning and Junior Years

Sally Hill

Acting Director of Middle Years

Nikki Kirkup

Director of Senior Years

Mary-Louise O'Brien

Chief Digital Officer

Christian Lawless

Director of Business Services


Melbourne Girls Grammar is fortunate to be governed by a dedicated and committed group of volunteers who have fiduciary responsibility for the School.

Professor Katie Allen

Chairman of Council (currently on a leave of absence)

Mark Burgess

Acting Chairman of Council and Chairman of Endowment Committee

The Very Reverend Dr Andreas Loewe

Dean of Melbourne, Council Member

Tania Brougham

Chairman of the Development & Engagement Committee

Carolyn Clark

Chairman of Governance Committee

Wendy Peter

Chairman of Audit and Risk Management Committee

Hayden Stockdale

Chairman of Finance Committee

Kate Temby

Chairman of Marketing Committee

Neil Appleton

Chairman of Property Committee

Dr Julie Faulkner

Council Member

The Reverend Tracy Lauersen

Council Member

Anna Permezel

Council Member

Catherine Misson

Principal, Ex-Officio

Christian Lawless

Company Secretary, Ex-Officio

Committee members

Olivia Byron

Committee Membership: Marketing Committee

Don Clarke

Committee Membership: Finance Committee / Endowment Committee/ Director – Merton Hall Foundation

Michael Clough

Committee membership: Governance Committee / Director – Merton Hall Foundation

Frederick S Grimwade

Committee membership: Development & Engagement Committee / Endowment Committee / Chairman of the Merton Hall Foundation

Tom Honan

Committee membership: Finance Committee

Margaret A McNaughton

Committee membership: Endowment Committee / Director – Merton Hall Foundation

Sarah Morgan

Committee membership: Finance Committee

Alistair Mytton

Committee Membership: Audit & Risk Management Committee

Michael Priest

Committee membership: Property Committee Member

Jennifer Sutton

Committee membership: Finance Committee


Melbourne Girls Grammar is a public company limited by guarantee.

It has a membership of up to 41 people who are broadly representative of the School community.

Each of the various stakeholder groups in the School community has appointed members to that company. Those members receive the Annual Report and elect the Council Members or Directors at each Annual General Meeting, which convenes once a year.

The arrangements give the School autonomy and a solid structure for the future.

As Directors of the public company, Council Members will come under the extensive obligations of the Corporations Act 2001 and Council has established a Governance Committee to ensure that all appropriate good governance arrangements are in place.

ABN: 81 116 806 163

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Melbourne Girls Grammar:

  • has zero tolerance for child abuse
  • actively works to listen to and empower children
  • has systems to protect children from abuse, and will take all allegations and concerns very seriously and responds to them consistently, in line with the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • is committed to promoting physical, emotional and cultural safety for all children
  • is committed to providing a safe environment for all children