Early Learning (ELC)

The first steps of a child’s education are an exciting time for families and our Early Learning Centre is where a lifetime of learning begins.

Our Early Learning Program encourages wonder, self-confidence and a connection to the natural world, with the aim of sparking curiosity in 3 & 4 year old kindergarten girls.

ELC students flourish as the individuals they are, within a safe and nurturing environment.

We encourage you to book a tour of our warm and welcoming Early Learning Centre, to meet the exceptional educators who will introduce your daughters to their schooling lives.



We understand the importance of the early childhood years in laying the foundation for ongoing education and wellbeing.

The Early Learning Program at Melbourne Girls Grammar has been influenced by a range of research into neural development and learning through secure, supportive relationships. Children experience the power of learning together in large and small groups, while pursuing their own individual learning pathways.

Influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach, we value and respect the innate curiosity that drives our girls to explore and understand the world and their place within it. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics experiences are embedded within our child-centred program. We understand that preschool-aged children learn by ‘doing’ so opportunities for girls to inquire and discover are a part of every day.

We promote equity, recognise children’s rights and value the diversity that our girls bring to the Early Learning Centre.


Our Early Learning Centre offers choice and opportunity to play, explore and develop relationships.

Wellbeing in our Early Learning Program is founded on these principles and children are encouraged to understand the ideas of ‘Being, Becoming and Belonging’. This results in an awareness of their existing relationships – with parents, the community and the girls around them.

Physical wellbeing contributes to the broader program, aiding each child’s ability to concentrate, co-operate and learn.

Children learn about healthy lifestyles, including nutrition, personal hygiene, physical fitness, emotions and social relationships. The Health and Physical Education curriculum is integral to a girl’s self-confidence and understanding of herself.


Learning a Language Other Than English (LOTE) fosters an appreciation of the role of language, as well as a growing awareness and appreciation of different cultures from a young age.

It is through play that our ELC girls learn the foundations of communicating in Italian – including greetings, games and the interactions of general classroom language, family, colours, numbers, days of the week, favourite pastimes, songs and stories, the seasons, nature, food and places.

Music and Movement

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, music is considered a language of expression.

The specialist program taught at our Early Learning Centre aims to provide the foundation for children’s musicality through dance, movement, music and storytelling. The use of voice, beat, melody and rhythm are the defining features of the program.

The development of students’ musical literacy and their confidence to participate is of primary importance.

Early Learning Handbook

Download the Early Learning Handbook (.pdf)

Meet Our EARLY LEARNING Educators


Essential to a high quality Early Learning Program is high quality teaching staff. Positive and secure relationships between educators and children are central to our girls’ social and emotional development.

Each of our five kinder groups have a full time Early Childhood Educator and a full time Early Childhood Qualified Assistant. All of our ELC educators are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Children have an innate curiosity, are eager to explore and understand the world and their place in it, and have a strong belief that they can make a difference. As educators, it is our role to nurture this belief.

Early Learning Educator

We work closely with families to develop a rich picture of each girl’s learning strengths and challenges. Knowing and understanding our students enables us to provide optimum opportunities for individual children and ensures a successful and cohesive transition to the Junior Years.

Discover Our EARLY LEARNING Spaces

Stimulating Learning Environment

We place a high emphasis on our environment both indoors and outdoors, to ensure that there are opportunities for children to explore, discover and engage in learning.

Set amongst our beautiful surrounds, each room of the Early Learning Centre is a flexible studio with easy access to our outdoor spaces, enabling educators to implement an indoor and an outdoor learning activity where appropriate.

A deep respect for the natural environment is encouraged through research and involvement in sustainable practices.

We recognise that through play, children organise and make sense of their worlds. Subsequently, our educators design spaces that are rich, varied and engaging, enabling our girls to initiate their own learning through play.


Melbourne Girls Grammar Early Learning Centre
63 Clowes Street, South Yarra 

The Barbara Tolson Early Learning Centre in South Yarra is conveniently located for families within the Toorak, Prahran, Richmond, Southbank, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne and Docklands areas.

It is easily accessible via Citylink and public transport, with parking available.