Old Grammarians Society

Attending Melbourne Girls Grammar is the beginning of a lifelong connection to the School and its community.

Welcome, MGGS Old Grammarians!

With over 13,000 members our Old Grammarians Society (OGS) is a fundamental part of our MGGS Community. The OGS was founded in 1904 and today, our Old Grammarians or OGs as they are more fondly known, can be found in all corners of the world. Our large network of Old Grammarians represents an expansive and impressive range of experience, backgrounds and professional pursuits and we value the contribution and connection of every member.

With the hope of remaining connected to all of our students once they venture beyond our red brick walls, every past student of MGGS is welcomed back as a life member of the OGS.

A powerful education and a network of lifelong friendships aren’t the only benefits of being an OG. There are a wide range of OG programs and events offered by the OGS annually.

No matter what your strengths are, be they academic, athletic or artistic, MGGS has offered me the opportunity to forge relationships that are lasting, authentic and founded on complementary values. The connections that we as OGs make serve to enhance and support any and all pathways that are forged beyond the Red Brick Walls.

Emma Grant (1991)

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The committee

The Old Grammarians Society Committee consists of a diverse group of women, from recent School leavers to long standing members of the Society. These women bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the Society and work closely together, each having a great deal of fun doing so.

The Committee works closely with the MGGS Community Office to coordinate and support functions and initiatives and stay in touch with graduates.

If you would like to learn more about the committee and opportunities to get involved, please email community@mggs.vic.edu.au.

Trudie Horsfall

Old Grammarians Society Committee President


Our school is proud of its network of alumnae living across the world. To stay connected with Old Grammarians outside of Melbourne, our OGS Branches, locally and internationally, organise branch events and communications.

There is an established OG Branch within each State of Australia, in addition to current international Branches in the UK and the USA. News and events hosted by these Branches are shared on MGGS Connect.


The 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Old Grammarians Society (OGS) will be held on Monday 26 April, at 5.00pm, at Melbourne Girls Grammar, South Yarra. At this meeting, there will be an election for all of the Office Bearer positions.. Positions open for nominations are the President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer and Records Secretary.

The Old Grammarians Society is governed by its Constitution.

Get in touch

We are always pleased to hear from our OGs, and welcome any enquires you may have in relation to the OGS or the School.

Alexis Beaumont

Alumnae and Engagement Manager

+61 3 9862 9200

Pip O’Connor

Multimedia Historian