Principal’s Welcome

As the 12th Principal of Melbourne Girls Grammar I acknowledge the Principals who have come before me and their images in our Portrait Gallery remind me of the responsibility I have to carry forward their legacy of ensuring that we continue to be one of the eminent independent girls’ schools both nationally and internationally.
Melbourne Girls Grammar has a long, rich and proud history spanning three centuries. It is committed to the provision of an exceptional education with an emphasis on strong Christian values, high expectations, creativity and academic challenge. Melbourne Girls Grammar is contemporary in outlook and generous in spirit with strong future and global thinking where student voice is central to core values. It values an optimistic and scholarly approach with evidence based practice drawing on sound educational research to inform our direction. In essence, Melbourne Girls Grammar is a school that is a trusted space where students can be themselves, love learning and aspire to academic and co-curricular excellence. We provide opportunities for students to discover their passions and build their capacities for action and influence within their many life contexts.
I believe in the understanding that learning is for all, proceeding on the basis that all students can learn given sufficient time and support, and that good schools and good teaching make a positive difference to student outcomes of all ability levels and at all developmental levels. Melbourne Girls Grammar commences at early learning three year old kindergarten and continues through to Year 12. The seamless transition at each developmental stage is exceptional and highlights the importance of the critical nature of each age and stage of the learning continuum. Education is about developing the whole person so that the individual is enabled to live a full and rich life whilst making a fine contribution to society. An excellent education is a privilege and Melbourne Girls Grammar provides opportunities for girls to excel in all areas of their passions.
The vision, mission and values of Melbourne Girls Grammar align with my personal philosophy and ambition for schooling. Melbourne Girls Grammar has an excellent learning environment with inspiring teachers and innovative programs where students develop a passion for learning, are empowered to synthesise the complexities of the world and to be courageous, creative, respectful and ethical women of action. As Principal, I seek for all our Grammarians to be critical, creative and caring thinkers well prepared to make their mark on the world.

Dr Toni Meath, Principal