Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program builds girls’ confidence and competencies in solving design, systems and computational problems.

Director of STEM and former engineer, Ivan Carlisle, is excited by the challenge of preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s technology. “Our program fosters budding futurists who are enamoured by what could be, and who are excited to be an enterprising part of making their visions of the future become a reality.”

Junior Years (Prep – Year 4)

A sense of curiosity, exploration and imagination are all central to your daughter’s learning from Prep through to Year 4. From coding applications, to planting and harvesting in sustainable gardens … our expert teachers deploy a range of strategies and technologies to keep your daughter engaged, educated and informed!

She will also have access to the Innovation and Creativity Centre, a place where inquiry learning through STEM ignites wonder and curiosity. Here, your daughter will be offered practical, hands-on experiences to provoke critical thinking.  A specialised coding program, engaging applications and robotic devices are all deployed to promote her logic, reasoning and troubleshooting skills.

Middle Years (Years 5 – 8)

Your daughter’s Middle Years schooling is divided into two phases: Wildfell (Year 5 and Year 6) and St Hilda’s (Year 7 and Year 8). At Wildfell, she will benefit from the strength of the teaching team, together with a flexible learning environment. She will collaborate with her peers to pursue interdisciplinary approaches to investigate authentic STEM and Social Entrepreneurship problems.

The St Hilda’s Mathematics Program embraces project-based learning and leverages technologies and innovative teaching methods to engage your daughter at her own level of challenge. Meanwhile, in her Science studies, your daughter will develop critical and creative thinking skills and challenge herself to identify questions, explain science phenomena and draw evidence-based conclusions using a range of scientific inquiry methods.

Your daughter will be welcomed to an eLearning environment, where the latest technology and online learning happens in developmentally appropriate and purposeful ways. The Tinkering Corner is her space to develop an innovator’s mindset to explore her love of coding, designing, electronics, robotics and much more. A Middle Years Science, Enterprise and Technology (MYSET ) tour provides her with an opportunity to learn more about global science and enterprise.

Senior Years (Years 9 – 12)

The provision of core and elective offerings mean that your daughter can choose from a wide range of STEM opportunities in the Senior Years. She will learn to apply her research, investigative, design and programming skills to project based learning tasks exploring authentic real world problems.

She will also enjoy chances to participate in industry internships, engage in workshops with industry and academic experts, and take part in the Senior Years Science, Enterprise and Technology (SYSET ) Tour to Europe.

The Seniors Years program is designed to embolden your daughter and inspire her to influence the future of technology towards the betterment of society.