Wellbeing is central to the Melbourne Girls Grammar experience as we believe an exceptional education for life not only develops academic skills and attributes, but emotional and physical wellbeing as well.

With an established wellbeing team for every year level, we focus on the holistic importance of the social, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of our girls. We understand that when our girls feel well and in control of the many aspects of their lives, they confront obstacles and challenges with confidence and a belief in their capacity to solve problems.

Senior Years Wellbeing Model

Since 2008, Melbourne Girls Grammar has developed a significant research base to inform and develop a new Senior Years Wellbeing Model.

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, girls entering Year 9 are part of a progressive, preventative and education-based wellbeing program that responds to the challenges young people are faced with today in the areas of:

  • Social connectedness
  • Mental health (including anxiety, depression, stress and perfectionism)
  • Physical health (sedentary behaviours, nutrition, sleep).

Building on existing curriculum and wellbeing provisions, the new model will provide a sophisticated, integrated experience of academic, co-curricular and wellbeing programs.

Our approach ensures the social, personal and environmental factors in each of our girls’ lives work together to maximise her learning and develop her as an independent, self-aware and resilient young woman. The approach is holistic and is about proactive care strategies. Positive relationships between staff, students and parents are central for success.

Why it’s important

Research indicates that young people thrive when living and learning in an environment that optimises both choice and challenge. Our integrated wellbeing model responds to this and provides the conditions that best support positive mental health and overall wellbeing.

What it means for our girls

Our overarching objective is to empower our girls to understand what underpins good health, such that they set and pursue goals to ensure their wellbeing is a priority. Our girls will learn to take responsibility for their wellbeing by developing understanding and skills for life. 

Wellbeing Coaches

Wellbeing Coaches are non-teaching staff specialised in counselling and/or health qualifications. 

The Wellbeing Coach is specifically involved in:

  • Coaching students to understand their wellbeing and proactively manage their wellbeing needs and goals
  • Guiding the student in optimising their opportunities, both academic and co-curricular
  • Tracking the student’s holistic progress
  • Engaging with Fit for Life Coaches

Fit for Life Coaches

Fit for Life Coaches within the new Artemis Centre will work with our senior girls to create individual fitness goals and tailored personal programs. Every girl will have a Fit for Life Profile and benefit from one-to-one coaching.