The visual arts are an integral part of the Melbourne Girls Grammar curriculum from ELC to Year 12.

Art in the ELC

In the Early Learning Centre educators value creativity as an important learning disposition that impacts throughout life. Our students are encouraged to express their ideas and meaning though a range of media. They are exposed to experiences such as drawing, painting, sculpture and three-dimensional construction, all of which provide vehicles for self-expression. Open ended experiences set up in each learning studio allow the children to explore, imagine and create.

Art in the Junior Years

The Junior Years Visual Arts Program includes exploration of a variety of domains and the appreciation of historical and contemporary art and art practise. Emphasis is on the ability to develop a creative concept from its inception, to practise through to completion of refined art. The process of creating and responding are interconnected with all artistic endeavours.
Students will develop and refine their creative aptitude through skill investigation, via explicit and sequential teaching across all domains. Exploration of techniques and ideas and persevering in problem solving will underpin all practical endeavours.
Multiple opportunities are given to our girls to learn to reflect and discuss their own artistic process, techniques and challenges as well as that of other artists.

Art in the Middle and Senior Years

From the Middle Years through to Year 12 art experiences develop the girls’ skills in art making, enhance their knowledge of the world around them and allow the students to develop creativity and thinking skills based on personal experience and expression. The Art Program at Years 5 – 8 is based on the melding of students’ experiences of society, culture and the individual; and artworks are developed by encouraging individual student expression and choice matched with skill development.
Our Art Program offers specialist tuition in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Visual Communication and Design and Ceramics. At Years 5 – 8 the course is based on thematic concepts and all these art forms are explored. At Years 9 – 12 the students begin to specialise in specific studio subjects and can elect to take a particular art form through to VCE.

Art Exhibitions

Additional opportunities for art students include participation in the Annual Melbourne Girls Grammar ELC – Year 12 Art Exhibition, Art, Design and Photography Exhibitions held in the MGGS Gallery and off site as part of our Café Latte Exhibition Program and various tour opportunities both locally and internationally.

Artist in Residence

The Program is enhanced by many opportunities for the students, including an extensive Artist in Residence Program with a range of practising visual artists and visits to galleries and artist studios. In addition, a co-curricular Art Club Program is offered allowing students to develop their individual interests and skills in Art, Digital Graphics and Photography.