Feedback and Complaints


MGGS is committed to providing a fair, safe and productive environment where we listen to the feedback from our parents, students, staff and community. Feedback is a wonderful way to provide the School, our staff and/or our Grammarians with positive recognition of a good deed or act of kindness, and how they live our School values – courage, integrity, compassion and self-discipline – through their behaviour both inside and outside the School. Positive reinforcement is integral to providing guidance around behaviours and reinforcing the right attitude and instilling confidence and a robust sense of self. Each year, the School also sends a survey to parents where feedback can also be provided.

The School also welcomes complaints as they can assist us to continually improve and identify where things may not be working as well as they could be. All complaints are dealt with sensitively and expeditiously. Complaints will be treated with due regard to procedural fairness, confidentiality and privacy requirements. 

Students and staff are provided with Codes of Conduct and parents/guardians are provided with the MGGS Conditions of Entry. The student Codes of Conduct are outlined in the Student Diary and available on our Student Management System (SMS), eVI. These assist in personal behaviours as well as how to work with and respect others within the MGGS community. 

Where an issue arises between members of the School community, we encourage as the first action making time to discuss this with the individual or people involved to determine whether it can be resolved or it needs to be escalated.   

We encourage you to read the procedures below to find out out more information.