At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we believe a physically active culture is the cornerstone to positive wellbeing .

A person’s attitude to sport and physical activity is often shaped by their experiences as a child or adolescent. Our programs are founded on creating fun and positive learning experiences in skill acquisition and physical literacy. Our team of experienced and passionate coaches are committed to creating welcoming and inclusive spaces, a mindset of endeavour, goal setting and personal achievement, and a culture that values healthy habits and physical activity to support broader wellbeing and performance outcomes for life.

We value sport as a vehicle to:

  • Improve physical and mental wellbeing;
  • Explore experiences and opportunities to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, goal-setting, time-management and organisation;
  • Nurture the holistic development of character within a values-driven culture;
  • Be challenged, and to build confidence, self-belief and resilience;
  • Make friends and strengthen relationships;
  • Laugh and have fun;
  • Celebrate positive role modelling and achievements; and
  • Create opportunities for learning and growth.

Programs designed to suit each girl, aimed to provide opportunity, choice and empowerment.

Through the power of an inclusive, vibrant and welcoming sport and physical activity program, girls will discover and develop their confidence, passions and potential for optimal wellbeing.

Our ‘Sport for All’ approach is anchored to our values and sense of community and reflects our core purpose in honouring that what matters to each girl is important.

The comprehensive matrix of sport, fitness, training and activity programs available for students from ELC through to Year 12 aim to nurture confident and capable girls with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to be fit for life, to make healthy and informed decisions relating to their physical wellbeing, and to try new things in an ever-changing environment.

ELC and Junior Years sport opportunities.
Middle Years sport opportunities.
Senior Years Fit for You Approach.


Artemis Centre

The Melbourne Girls Grammar community opened the Artemis Centre in September 2017. This wellbeing centre has state of the art, gender built facilities including:

  • 25m indoor pool with adjustable depth height
  • indoor courts for basketball, netball and volleyball
  • studios for yoga, Pilates and cardio

Artemis Centre complements the existing School facilities including:

  • Multipurpose sports fields
  • Rowing facility located nearby on the banks of the Yarra River

Community-based venues

Beyond the Artemis Centre and campus grounds, we are perfectly situated to make use of the following locations and venues:

  • The Tan at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Fawkner Park
  • Melbourne Sports and Aquatics Centre
  • Lakeside Stadium
  • Gosch’s Paddock
  • Albert Park Lake
  • Yarra River
  • Mt Buller Village and Surrounds
  • Equestrian venues around Melbourne


There are five Houses at Melbourne Girls Grammar: Batman, Clarke, Hensley, Mungo and Taylor.

Interhouse sport in the JuniorMiddle and Senior Years Programs is designed to provide competitive sporting situations, whilst fostering House spirit, sportspersonship and participation for all students. The girls compete in:

Our Partners in Sport

Melbourne Girls Grammar partners with many leading Victorian sporting organisations.