Melbourne Girls Grammar has a long history of integrating technology into its learning environments.

Melbourne Girls Grammar was one of the first schools in Australia to introduce a one-to-one notebook program in 1995 and has continued to be a leading innovator in learning technologies. 

We work to ensure that we effectively make use of the best tools to support student learning. This involves careful assessment of emerging technologies and their integration into the learning process. We ensure that every Grammarian is placed to excel as a learner and achieve success using a wide array of learning technologies. 

To achieve these goals, Melbourne Girls Grammar makes ongoing investments in digital infrastructure to provide for a highly effective learning environment supported by existing and emerging learning technologies. Our learning technologies integration ensures that every Grammarian has support and is extended in their learning journey. 

Learning Technologies

Our learning technologies strategy is focused on providing students with a skill set that includes computational thinking, reasoning, resilience, critical and design thinking. Exposing students to a range of technologies, across multiple platforms, means that we replicate what they would experience in a tertiary education setting, within the workplace, and in their daily lives. 

Our aim is for every Melbourne Girls Grammar graduate to leave the School with a wide range of technical proficiencies and the confidence and proficiency to navigate the world she inhabits. 

Early Access to Technology

From Early Learning through to Year 6, our Grammarians have access to hardware that includes iPads, desktop computers and one to one notebooks in the classroom.

The objective of our Junior Years and Middle Years Programs is to offer a safe, inclusive space where our girls can build skills and gain assurance in their capabilities as designers and technologists.

From the day your daughter starts with us in Early Learning Program (ELC) she will begin to acquire skills such as digital and online literacy, media literacy, online search and research proficiencies, and technical resilience and resourcefulness. Across disciplines and year levels, teachers develop these skills and mindsets with students throughout diverse learning experiences with a range of technologies.

By the end of Middle Years, girls are learning how to authenticate, analyse and synthesise data and to think deeply about hidden assumptions. Furthermore, they learn to evaluate, make informed judgements and communicate their learning in a variety of ways. 

In the Senior Years, our students use learning technologies to enhance their schooling experience by making use of our comprehensive Learning Management System (eVI). Their learning is enhanced in a variety of ways, using a blend of technologies to ensure that every Grammarian is positioned for success in their academic studies. 

Our Managed Device Program

To support the educational outcomes and teaching quality across Melbourne Girls Grammar we have a managed device program which allows families the choice and support in device purchasing. 

The benefits of our managed program include cost efficiency, consistent experience for students and staff, efficiency of technical support and the suitability of technology for intended teaching and learning uses. 

IT will liaise with families of students before the start of Year 7 to inform them on the process of choosing their managed device. 


eVI is a Learning Management System that allows the whole school community to communicate, collaborate and support learning at Melbourne Girls Grammar. Grammarians and their parents receive academic results and feedback through the eVI platform.