Introducing Field Award winner Sarah Gigante

Introducing Field Award winner Sarah Gigante

In addition to being a high academic achiever, Sarah is an accomplished cyclist – both on the road and in the velodrome. In Years 9 and 10 she won Gold at national track competitions and took home bronze and silver medals at last year’s road cycling national championships. She trains intensely year round – sometimes twice a day. “Cycling has taught me a lot about time management, not just in sport but in my studies too,” she says. “I’ve learnt how to work hard and push myself.”

At school, Sarah’s also worked hard to push herself out of her comfort zone. She elected to take up House Instrumental and admits it was “great fun” being part of a team of percussionists who were passionate to try something new.

Along the way to receiving her Field Award, Sarah also reached out to Junior riders – mentoring cyclists aged between seven and twelve years. “I always ride next to girls who are coming last and give them a chance to sprint to the line,” she says. “Cycling is such a lovely sport because everyone helps each other and it’s the same at school, when we work together it’s better for everyone.”

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