Celebrating diverse ‘fields’ of endeavour

Celebrating diverse ‘fields’ of endeavour

Melbourne Girls Grammar is known for nurturing and promoting young women of action and the Field Award program provides the perfect platform for Years 9 and 10 girls to volunteer their time and talents to their wider community.

Community Action and Service is just one component of the Field Award. Best described as a ‘holistic’ program, girls participating in the Field Award are also called upon to demonstrate a high level of commitment to their House Activities, Academic Achievements, Physical Challenges and Personal Passion Projects.

This year, the total number of Field Award recipients has more than doubled since 2016 and Principal Catherine Misson said she was delighted by the enthusiasm with which the girls had embraced the program. “All of these students have shown us that it is possible to have a well-balanced education, where girls not only reach their academic and physical goals but they positively impact their communities too,” Mrs Misson said.

Field Award Recipients 

Congratulations to all Field Award recipients, listed below. Throughout this week, we will be profiling several Field Award winners including Emma Beaumont, Kate Faragher, Sarah Gigante, Millicent Perkins and Yen Sim.

Abbie M. Henni R. Vita D.
Alexandra B. Isobel R. Yen S.
Alexandra U. Jessica G.   Anusha H.
Anabelle H. Kate F. Charlotte D.  
Annie B. Kate M.  Claire D.
Cleo F. Kirriley B.  Eloise S. 
Dawn L. Leila L. Georgia C.
Edwina C. Lily E. Georgia M.
Ella B. Madeleine L. Isabelle D.
Emily H. Mia W.   Nicola J.
Emma B. Millicent P. Jessica B.
Emma M. Miranda H.  
Erin G. Olivia F.    
Evie M.  Olivia P.  
Felicity I.  Paige A.    
Hannah H.  Sarah G.  
Heidi T. Sarah M.