From the Principal: 25 March 2024

From the Principal: 25 March 2024

It was such a privilege to visit the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) on the weekend to watch our rowers competing at the Australian Rowing Championships. The Michelmore, the Grant, the Logie-Smith and the Merton raced against the best schools from across Australia, and as a School we couldn’t be prouder of the way in which our rowers performed both on and off the water. The culture of our rowing program is one of learning, growth, and connection – a focus on the process and not the outcome. What I witnessed over the weekend was a team of rowers and coaches striving to achieve something together with genuine joy and care for each other, a healthy respect for the competition, and gratitude for the experiences. Such champions! 

Thank you and congratulations to our Head of Rowing, Angus Seller, Senior Rowing Co-ordinator, Bella Logie-Smith, and our crew coaches – Tom Sanders, Skye Froebel, Gabi Logie-Smith and Jack Finlay – and boatman, Mark Dwyer. To read through the results of our Nationals Campaign, I invite you to read the piece written by Bella Logie-Smith in the Co-curricular section of this week’s Messenger. The weekend was an excellent reminder for us to reflect on who we are as a School. What does it mean to be a member of our School? And, importantly, how do we define our identity as a School? In summary, I would say the following across academic, and all co-curricular programs capture us.

We are future focused – We are innovative in our thinking, translating this into our programs and practices; our Grammarians are part of an extensive and future-focused community that supports and fosters their personal development.

We learn how to learn – We enjoy ‘the pleasure of the rigour’, applying ourselves to all that we do and in the pursuit of being the best, the very best we can be.

We build adaptability and resilience – As the experts in girls’ education, we inspire each Grammarian to believe in themselves, have the courage to explore the unknown, and define their path without bias.

We develop skills for life – Our Grammarians are empowered to become ethical women of action; they have agency and are inclusive and authentic.

These simple and central truths that remind us of our ‘why’.

In closing, as the term comes to an end, I hope that you are enjoying our beautiful Melbourne autumn. Our city has really turned on the best weather for our visiting Canadian scholars from the Bishop Strachan School, Toronto. There have been so many activities planned and enjoyed, including horse-riding, hot springs, trips to Sydney, Phillip Island, the Great Ocean Road sightseeing and enjoying the café and restaurant culture of vibrant Melbourne. Thank you to our families who are hosting. The generosity of spirit you have given is amazing.

Furthermore, we wish our Grammarians travelling to Godolphin in the term break safe and delightful travels. Term 1 will finish on Thursday with our House Drama competition, following a special Easter Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday. I can’t wait to see what our Grammarians have in store to dazzle us all. I’m sure every House will be putting their ‘best foot forward’! 

With every best wish to you and yours for a happy and relaxing holiday.

Yours in learning,

Dr Toni E Meath