Benefits of a Girls’ School

Our research reveals the advantages of single-sex schools over co-ed, to help you choose the best education for your daughter.

When it comes to choosing the best school for your child, as a parent you may often receive opinions about what you should consider and what makes the difference when it comes to your child’s future.

There are many ways in which a single-sex education can benefit outcomes for girls including academic, social, emotional and health benefits. These advantages are informed by research and studies, so you can discount well-meant advice in favour of scientific-backed inquiry.

We’ve compiled the leading research for parents considering a single-sex school vs co-ed learning, to help you make the right decision for your daughter.

Why a Girls' School?

The top 4 research-based reasons for same-sex schooling

We’ve compiled the major benefits of a single-sex education over co-ed, including its positive impact on:

  1. Academic performance
  2. Social skills
  3. Wellbeing
  4. Career aspirations and life beyond school

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