VCE Results – Class of 2020

VCE Results – Class of 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

“As a group of young women, our Class of 2020 have been encouraged and stimulated by a diverse, talented, and broad group of academics. They have inspired each other and gained courage to exceed expectations by facing challenges head on.

We are so pleased that our students have received results that will open doors to further learning and opportunities. As a school community, we are so proud of all the times our students have tested themselves, shown intellectual courage, and strong leadership.

From strong foundations fostered through the Middle and Senior Years programs at Melbourne Girls Grammar, our graduates have shown adaptability and resilience.

Our school is dedicated to inspiring girls through education. Our Senior Years Program purposefully prepares our graduates with high agency, independence, and self-efficacy, ready for an unknown future.

We know that the future requires a mix of knowledge, skills and dispositions that will enable individuals to adapt, create, collaborate, and ultimately grow.

As a girls’ school, we are proud to be nurturing Victoria’s next generation of female leaders. We are confident that these results will open doors, extend passions and fuel ambitions.” 

Dr Toni Meath, Principal

2020 VCE Results

2020 High Achievers

The following students received an ATAR of 95 or higher:

Charlotte Hoskins (99.90) Annabelle Pearson (98.30) Alexandra (Sashie) Cox (96.30)
Ashley Wang (99.90) Serena Malatesta (98.20) Amandine Velakoulis (96.25)
Yuhan (Abby) Deng (99.65) Emma Too (98.15) Arabella Campbell (96.00)
Angela Un  (99.60) Chloe Casserly (98.15) Indigo Coulson (96.00)
Tina Tu (99.45) Katherine O’Brien (98.05) Anonymous (95.90)
Rhianna Gallagher (99.40)
Isobel Satchell (98.00) Katelin (Katie) Bult (95.80)
Claudine Knott (99.35) Anonymous (97.95) Catherine Kritharides (95.75)
Natalie Chung  (99.20) Kate Patten (97.90) Bonnie Prendergast (95.50)
Charlotte Williams (99.15) Chloe Green (97.05) Emily Davey (95.50)
Grace Graham (98.70) Charlotte Clemenger (97.00) Olivia Spence (95.40)
Anonymous (98.60) Sarah Martin (96.65) Hannah Alper-Duke (95.05)
Allegra Tremlett (98.55) Anonymous (96.50)  
Anonymous (98.50) Anonymous (96.35)  


The following Grammarians received the outstanding news of a perfect Study Score during their Year 11 and Year 12 VCE studies:

YEAR 12 Ashley Wang Biology in 2019
  Charlotte Flood English
  Yuhan (Abby) Deng French
  Katherine O’Brien Geography
  Charlotte Hoskins History: Revolutions
  Isobel Satchell Physical Education
  Angela Un  Psychology in 2019
YEAR 11 Anonymous Mathematical Methods


Meet our 2020 School Duces

We congratulate our 2020 School Duces, Charlotte Hoskins and Ashley Wang, on receiving ATARs of 99.90. 

Charlotte Hoskins

A highly capable, thoughtful, caring and astute student and leader, Charlotte has made the most of the opportunities available to her. Charlotte has always been a curious learner who has explored her interests with great zeal.

Melbourne Girls Grammar has provided me with opportunities to discover my full potential as a student. Through the variety of subjects offered, I was able to discover my love for history and the humanities. My time at School has prepared me for anything that lies ahead by instilling me with a drive to seek out the best in myself and the world around me.

Charlotte is very much an all-rounder, with her excellence recognised in numerous School and university awards. She is a true academic. Charlotte was also a key contributor to the athletics program where she was known for her tenacity, self discipline and work ethic. Generous with her ideas, and always willing to share her thoughts with others, Charlotte’s ability to relate to complex theoretical ideas and discuss pop culture and life in the twenty first century make her a scintillating conversationalist.

Ashley Wang 

Hardworking, highly engaged, funny and whip smart, Ashley has shown a diligent but humble approach to her ongoing success. As a lifelong learner, who genuinely has fun with her learning, Ashley is intellectually fearless — unafraid to make mistakes to learn new things. Ashley’s mind is not confined to a single field or learning style; across maths, music, English, Latin and the sciences, Ashley is the rare student who is both passionate and talented in all subjects she studied.

Melbourne Girls Grammar has provided me with countless opportunities to be adventurous and explore new interests. The School has fostered my love for learning, and cultivated a mindset that allows me to fearlessly strive towards my ambitions. I am sincerely grateful for the countless ways in which the School has prepared me for what the future will offer.

A skilled musician and a generous volunteer of her time, Ashley also participated in GSV sport, Model United Nations, debating and public speaking. The number of co-curricular opportunities she took on speaks to her exceptional time management skills, reliability and excellent interpersonal skills.

Meet our 2020 School Dux Secundus

We congratulate Yuhan (Abby) Deng on receiving an ATAR of 99.65.

Yuhan (Abby) Deng

An intelligent, diligent and conscientious young woman, Abby is friendly and responsible as she strives for her personal best while demonstrating compassion and understanding of those around her. A motivated individual, Abby sets clear goals and has endeavoured tirelessly to achieve them. As a passionate language learner, Abby also participated in a six-week exchange to France where she stepped out of her comfort zone and immersed herself in language and culture.

Melbourne Girls Grammar welcomed me and supported me in whatever I wished to do. Every day I was surrounded by inspiring teachers and compassionate schoolmates. The School community motivated me to take every single challenge as an opportunity for growth, and this changed the trajectory of my life.

New challenges are something Abby approaches with a positive attitude, showing adaptability and resilience. With high aspirations and much self discipline, Abby has been a student who consistently seeks to improve her skills. Abby possesses a mature demeanour, confidence beyond her years and warmth. With her quiet determination, Abby is sure to succeed in future endeavours.

2020 Student Reflections

Indigo Coulson

Considering the year that 2020 has been, I feel more grateful than ever to have had the wonderful community that is Melbourne Girls Grammar there to support me through Year 12. MGGS has been a place that has helped me understand my passions and let me explore them, with the ongoing support of the dedicated teachers and staff. From the memories to the friendships, to the education I received, I will always look back on my time at Melbourne Girls Grammar fondly. 

Rhianna Gallagher

Throughout my learning at MGGS, I have been encouraged to maintain my interests across a diverse range of fields including STEM, humanities and language. This has helped me to appreciate how interdisciplinary knowledge can enrich your overall world understanding. Being immersed in an enriching community that fosters academic discussion and questioning among my peers showed me that the most challenging questions, such as those I was able to consider in philosophy, are most effectively explored through a collaboration of ideas. I am inspired to continue developing my problem-solving ability from multiple angles by pursuing a double degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) and medical science after school. Having the agency to develop my own interests and explore them in depth, such as being able to participate in a research trip to South Africa, are among the core things I cherish and hope to bring with me from my time at MGGS. 

Sophie Hodge

Despite having been at MGGS for only four years, I have been so lucky to experience the breadth of everything the School has to offer. Having undertaken studies in Spanish, Latin and English, I have discovered an immense passion for language and I now know that is the pathway I plan to pursue. I hope to study human rights law and international relations at university, with a final goal of being a lawyer in Spain. Ultimately, I want to be a secondary school teacher; yes, after all the snazziness of a fancy law career, I want to return to my hometown Numurkah and be an educator, as that is what I believe I was put on this earth to do. My relationships and experiences at Melbourne Girls Grammar have done nothing but empower me and fuel my drive to achieve absolutely anything, and for this, I will be forever grateful. I will miss everything about our school, especially my boarding family, a group of young women who have prepared me for life beyond the red brick walls.  

Sophie Kelly

The holistic approach that MGGS adopts has enabled me to expand my horizons within the School community. From a variety of subject options available to so many sports and arts opportunities, the experience for me has been one that I will be happy to reflect upon. I hope to pursue a commerce and engineering pathway after Year 12, which combines my interests in economics and physics. I will really miss the community aspect of Melbourne Girls Grammar including all the passionate and supportive teachers, as well as the School’s perennial attitude towards limitless learning and development. 

Claudine Knott

As I prepared for my first day at Melbourne Girls Grammar in 2013, I was filled with excitement at the prospect of joining such a strong and tight-knit community, where students can cultivate their interests through a wide range of opportunities. One of my favourite things about the School is the diversity in co-curricular activities, from obtaining my remote pilot’s license to a community trip to Sri Lanka and numerous musical groups and productions, I always loved to try something new and made fantastic memories along the way. It was at MGGS that incited my passion for community action and combatting global challenges in society, which I hope to strengthen next year in my studies of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the Australian National University in Canberra. This year I have felt especially grateful for the connections I’ve formed during my time at MGGS, through classes, school activities or just chatting at the lockers, I have made amazing friends I know I will keep with me well beyond my school years.  

Katherine O’Brien

I am eternally grateful for my nine years at Melbourne Girls Grammar. The diverse range of opportunities and experiences have instilled me with a strong passion for learning which is a testament to all my teachers. I feel prepared to embrace future challenges and make the most of whatever comes my way as a consequence of the skill set I have developed. But most importantly, the precious friendships and memories I have formed at Melbourne Girls Grammar will stay with me forever. I couldn’t be more thankful for my time at this School. 

Allegra Tremlett

During my eight years at Melbourne Girls Grammar, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore all my different interests and possibilities for the future. I have developed a love of learning which I owe to all my teachers, who have instilled their passion and a strong connection to their field in me. Through the emphasis on leading a balanced lifestyle, my education has spanned beyond the typical classroom learning to encompass lifelong skills learnt through co-curricular involvement and the connections I have developed. Despite this year being especially difficult, our Year 12 group has remained connected and incredibly supportive of one another and I will really miss the community we have created over the years.  

Tina Tu

Throughout my time at MGGS, I’ve had the chance to participate in various overseas trips and co-curricular activities that have allowed me to grow as a person. The countless opportunities I’ve been given have helped me become independent and develop skills that will no doubt prove invaluable in the future. Despite the many challenges that have been thrown our way this year, I feel very lucky to have such a tight-knit Year 12 cohort as well as so many supportive teachers and staff members. I am extremely grateful to have discovered so many close friends and gained so many memories here that I know I will cherish for many years to come. My experience at MGGS is definitely something I’ll never forget. 


Angela Un

Throughout my eight years at Melbourne Girls Grammar, I have acquired the values of independence, resilience and compassion and I’m grateful for the extensive opportunities offered and co-curricular choices that have allowed me to mature as a person. I’ve always been passionate about science, and so I hope to develop this interest further at University. 

Sophie Wang

Throughout my four years at MGGS, I have made so many precious friendships and met so many people who have made an impact and helped me become the person I am today. As I am also a boarder, the opportunities offered by MGGS fostered independence and resilience. Something really important that MGGS gave me is the confidence to achieve my future goals. I am sincerely thankful for the incredibly supportive MGGS community who have helped me to find interests that I am truly passionate about.  

Charlotte Williams

Melbourne Girls Grammar has empowered me to become a compassionate, resilient young woman with a strong sense of self, with the confidence to navigate the wider world. A testament to the incredible staff and strong community — the School has facilitated my engagement across all areas of academic and co-curricular opportunities, but further instilled a strong passion for learning and the value of curiosity. As I embark on tertiary education with a focus on data analytics and commerce, I am indebted to the Melbourne Girls Grammar community and my cohort for encouraging me to chase my passions. At the School, I was able to build a foundation of self-belief that will prepare me for what the future encompasses. 

Rosie Yates

Although this year hasn’t been ideal, my time at MGGS has been nothing short of incredible. Not only does the culture at MGGS foster growth for independent and capable young people, but it also has given me opportunities to study whatever subject I want, in whatever field, wherever my passions and interests lie. After school, I hope to study law, and with subjects like psychology and legal studies for VCE, and forensic science in Year 10, I am more enthusiastic and prepared than ever, to enter the next stage of my education, which can be attributed to the amazing learning environment at MGGS.