VCE Results – Class of 2019

VCE Results – Class of 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

“As a community, we value the pursuit of academic excellence and our VCE results reflect this. Felicitations to all of our students who sat a VCE exam and especially to our Year 12 cohort who performed with great success! Our 2019 VCE results reflect the hard work of the students in collaboration with their teachers and support from their families. Our quest in preparing Year 12 for their transition to the wider world has been to personalise their learning and to provide challenges and a range of diverse opportunities so that whilst at Melbourne Girls Grammar our Grammarians develop diverse skills and knowledge which will act as enablers for a life lived well.

To the Class of 2019: Know that we are very proud of your accomplishments and the fine legacy you have left with us. I hope that Melbourne Girls Grammar has supported you so that you feel empowered to synthesise the complexities of the world and to be courageous, compassionate, respectful and ethical. As your Principal, I know that you are well prepared to make your mark on the world.

Dream large and never underestimate the power you have to enact change.”

Dr Toni Meath, Principal

2019 VCE Results

2019 High Achievers

The following students received an ATAR of 95 or higher:

Christina Vakkas (99.90) Fleur Wackett (98.85) Beatrix Appleton (97.65)
Bahaar Bahaar (Gaia Charan) (99.85) Name Withheld (98.75) Claudia Stewart (97.65)
Rachel Chen (99.85) Rebecca Brennan (98.7) Harriet Carpenter (97.35)
Madeleine Birrell (99.80) Olivia Hartley (98.55) Sacha Bennett (96.20)
Madeleine Ouvrier (99.75) Zara Shepherd (98.55) Caitlin Paice (96.20)
Lucy Best (99.60) Yoo-Na Kim (98.45) Emily Bottoms (95.85)
Name Withheld (99.60) Lara White (98.45) Charlotte Molnar (95.65)
Jasmine Cash (99.50) Lola Niall (98.25) Clara Tjiandra (95.45)
Zhongyi (Abby) Xia (99.50) Name Withheld (97.95) Lucy Doquile (95.30)
Arabella Allen (99.40) Alexandra Kelsall (97.80) Amelia Szabo (95.00)
Lucinda Richards (99.15) Isabella Misson (97.70)  


The following Grammarians received the outstanding news of a perfect Study Score during their Year 11 and Year 12 VCE studies:

YEAR 12 Madeleine Ouvrier  Further Mathematics in 2018
  Name Withheld  Chinese Second Language in 2018
  Alexandra Kelsall Drama
  Madeleine Birrell English
  Christina Vakkas  English
  Rebecca Brennan Further Mathematics 
 YEAR 11 Ashley Wang Biology
  Angela Un Psychology


Meet our 2019 School Dux

We congratulate Christina Vakkas on receiving an ATAR of 99.90.

Christina Vakkas

Christina is an intelligent, inquisitive and aspirational young woman who participates in all aspects of school life with maturity and purpose. She has displayed great resolve in pursuing her academic goals and has used her considerable organisational skills to good purpose. Throughout VCE, Christina has studied English, Further Mathematics, Classical Studies, Revolutions, Latin and Unit 3 and 4 Psychology in 2018.

I curated a VCE program that was centred around the humanities and writing; my brilliant teachers at Melbourne Girls Grammar fostered a genuine love of learning and inspired me with their expertise and passion. Studying a Liberal Arts program allowed me to explore the power of language and develop my fascination with the written word. It has been wonderful to be engaged in rigorous academic discourse in my classes, coming to an understanding that the past reverberates into the present, which helps me to understand our contemporary world.

I am excited to continue learning in a tertiary setting – I plan to study a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Ancient World Studies, with the hope to forge a career in Archaeology.

With high aspirations and much discipline, Christina has been a student who consistently seeks to improve her skills. With confidence beyond her years and warmth exuded to all, Christina is articulate, analytical and flexible.


Meet our 2019 School Duces Secundae

We congratulate Bahaar Bahaar (Gaia Charan) and Rachel Chen on receiving an ATAR of 99.85.

Bahaar Bahaar (Gaia Charan)

Bahaar Bahaar is dynamic, considerate and extremely capable. She has an open-minded inquisitiveness, and an ability to thoughtfully and creatively critique and analyse the world around her.

Though this year has, of course, had its times of stress, these moments pale in comparison to the memories of laughter, perseverance, and togetherness with my fellow Year 12s. I am endlessly grateful for the people who I shared the Common Room with this year, and for the teachers who have supported and motivated us every step of the way. Looking forward, I am beyond excited to take everything I have learned at Melbourne Girls Grammar, and use it to become the person I want to be.

Bahaar Bahaar is ambitious, hard working and extremely talented. She is an outstanding student, an all-rounder, excelling in all areas of her studies. She has been engaged in school life across many areas, including Music, Sport, Debating and Community Service and a fierce advocate for social issues in her role as Community Action and Service Captain. She has consistently been recognised externally for her academic talents; she has won many writing and STEM competitions over her time at school and was selected to represent Australia in the International Biology Olympiad in 2019.


Rachel Chen

Rachel’s many positive traits have made her an asset to MGGS, both in a formal leadership position as Music Captain, as well as someone who lives the school values in her daily life. She is a diligent student, a positive role model for younger students and a supportive and considerate friend to her peers.

Melbourne Girls Grammar has allowed me to explore many options that I was not aware of before. During my education, I have been able to pursue my passions and develop a balanced lifestyle through many musical and sporting co-curricular choices. I will always be grateful for the number of opportunities available to us throughout our schooling, and the encouragement provided to take these opportunities, as well as the heavy emphasis on our wellbeing. I feel that all of these factors have provided me with a solid foundation for the next chapter of my life.

Having completed Units 3 and 4 Biology and Maths Methods in Year 11, Rachel has consistently demonstrated focus and passion for her academic pursuits. Her inherent interest in a range of subjects has continued to be demonstrated during Year 12, with Rachel pursuing Latin, English Language, Chemistry and Specialist Maths as well as University studies.


2019 Student Reflections

Madeleine Birrell

My six years at Melbourne Girls Grammar have been transformative in shaping me to become a more resilient, independent and compassionate young woman and I am eternally indebted to all the incredible teachers and friends who have helped me along this journey. Melbourne Girls Grammar has instilled in me a lifelong value for learning, following your passions and always giving back to the wider community and I know that I could not be better prepared to embrace whatever the future holds.

Lisa Chhean

Throughout my nine years here, Melbourne Girls Grammar has provided me with many wonderful opportunities that have cultivated me into a passionate, determined, confident and capable young woman. I couldn’t be more thankful for the supportive staff and students who have pushed me to become who I am today.

Arabella Allen

I am infinitely grateful for the education and adventures that Melbourne Girls Grammar has provided me. But much more than this, I’m so proud to call myself a Grammarian; the well rounded, thoughtful and enthusiastic nature of Melbourne Girls Grammar students truly is a testament to the culture of our school.

Annette Law

As a boarder and student at Melbourne Girls Grammar, I have been provided with the resources to become independent and acquire a sense of empathy that has allowed me to grow and mature as a person. Melbourne Girls Grammar is comprised of friendly students and enthusiastic staff in conjunction with an opportunity filled environment. The culture at this school is one of a kind.

Zhongyi (Abby) Xia

The opportunities offered by Melbourne Girls Grammar has developed resilience and confidence in me. In the last two years, I have formed many precious friendships, which have also helped me develop as a person. My time at Melbourne Girls Grammar has been truly valuable and unforgettable. With the support of my teachers, cohort and family, I am prepared to step into a more adventurous world and face more challenges.

Clara Tjiandra

Through my 13 years at Melbourne Girls Grammar, I have been taught values of hard work and resilience that will guide me through the rest of my life. Not only this, I have developed a love of learning due to the passion of the teachers at this school.