VCE Results – Class of 2017

VCE Results – Class of 2017

Congratulations to the class of 2017!

A wonderfully diverse group of young women, the Class of 2017 has modelled inclusion, compassion and the ability to unite when most challenged. Their mantra “Better, Together” has been lived by these girls throughout the experience of their final year of schooling. We are so very proud of them, young women with the substance to make a difference in the world.

In acknowledging the Class of 2017, we look far beyond their results: an education for life is anchored on values, inspires the confidence to seize opportunities, and nurtures the emotional depth to connect with others. We celebrate the breadth of accomplishments of our 2017 graduates.

We wish them every happiness as they step into the next exciting chapter of their lives.

Catherine Misson, Principal

2017 VCE Results



Meet our 2017 School Duces

We congratulate Alexandra Roger and Isabelle Stewart on receiving the maximum possible ATAR of 99.95, making up a quarter of the state’s females to receive a perfect score.

Alexandra Roger

Alexandra is a poised and gracious young woman who is friendly and outgoing. A highly able scholar, she is a lateral thinker and creative problem solver. She has a strong sense of justice and is prepared to advocate for others, illustrated through her leadership as CAS Captain on the SEC in 2017. Always willing to challenge herself, Alexandra undertook two Unit 3/4 subjects in Year 11, Mathematical Methods and Biology, achieving outstanding results in both. In Year 12 she studied Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics, English Language and Latin.

The main thing I have taken away from my time at MGGS is believing that I can, and I will, make a difference in the world.

Alexandra is proud of her ability to balance academic success with a variety of other activities. Alexandra plays and coaches Netball and enjoys Athletics, Swimming and Strength training.


Isabelle Stewart

Isabelle is a highly respected member of the Melbourne Girls Grammar community and has been a model student, upholding the School values in the community. She is the 2017 Valedictorian. Her teachers and peers admire the determination and perseverance she has demonstrated in her academic studies as well as personal qualities. Isabelle completed a balanced program of VCE studies, selecting Latin, English, Physical Education, History Classical Studies and Chemistry.

MGGS has provided me with more than just a rigorous academic environment. It has taught me the importance of seeking answers to questions beyond the study design, the power of knowledge, and above all the importance of relationships and being a loyal friend.

This highly impressive display of academic achievement is complemented by immense community involvement in Debating and sporting teams, such as Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country and Rowing.