ELC Exceeding National Quality Standard

ELC Exceeding National Quality Standard

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) at Melbourne Girls Grammar has been Rated Exceeding National Quality Standard under the National Quality Framework (NQF).


As Early Learning educators, this rating rewards my team for its enduring dedication and commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences for our girls. For parents, this rating is testament that our Early Learning Centre delivers not only a warm and welcoming environment for their daughters but one that exceeds national benchmarks.

Catherine Misson, Principal

The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a national benchmark for the quality of children’s education and care services across Australia.

Services are assessed against the NQS by the state or territory regulatory authority and receive a rating for each of the seven quality areas of the NQS, as well as an overall rating.


We are very proud that relationships between educators, the girls and their families were identified as a real strength. The way the team respects every one of our girls as individuals and helps the girls and their families build a strong connection to our wider school community, was highlighted in the report.

Kellie Morgan, Director of Early Learning and Junior Years

The National Quality Framework (NQF) for early childhood education and care was agreed by all Australian governments to achieve better educational and development outcomes for children using education and care services. Implementation of the NQF is guided by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

To find out more information about the NQF and service ratings, visit the ACECQA website or ACECQA’s family-focused website, Starting Blocks.


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