A fond farewell to outgoing OG President

A fond farewell to outgoing OG President

Melbourne Girls Grammar would like to thank Judy Wilkinson (Rutty, 1965) for her seven years of service and commitment as the President of the Old Grammarians Society. Judy’s warmth was a lovely feature of her leadership style, and the Old Grammarians society and the Melbourne Girls Grammar community benefited from her inclusive approach.

We recently farewelled Judy at the 26 April Annual General Meeting and, with her permission, we would like to share some of her remarks with you below.

“I am so fortunate that very soon after I arrived in Melbourne after retirement, my dear old friend and classmate, Pip O’Connor, persuaded me to join the Old Grammarians Committee. I had been in the country for all my working life, so I wondered how things would be without work and away from good country pals, but reconnecting with my old School filled a very big hole and has given me great joy.

I’ve reconnected with so many old friends, both boarders and day girls. I have the joy of still being close to education, which I had loved working with in the State system, for 45 years or so. I love being connected with the School that my granddaughters attend, hearing about their days and meeting their wonderful teachers.

I am grateful for the work and support I’ve had with all the committee members over those years and for the friendship and support from the Community Office and the School Council. That level of support was so reassuring and made our Committee’s work so much easier.

I think MGGS is a really great School with a very fine cohort of teachers and other teams of responsibility. Being able to be part of its excitement and watching the work of Catherine Misson has been an amazing privilege. Thank you Catherine.

I am thrilled that someone of the calibre of Trudie Horsfall has agreed to be the next President of the Old Grammarians Society. I know she will love it as much as me and will take the committee onto its next chapter with great energy and pride. Thank you Trudie.

Being the Old Grammarian President has been a great honour.”

We are thrilled that Judy will be staying on the Committee in the Past President role.

Trudie Horsfall (1976) is the new Old Grammarians Society President, and we will feature her in an upcoming article.

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