Silver Lining

Silver Lining

We congratulate Year 4 Melbourne Girls Grammar student, Mehak, for her winning entry into the Arts Learning Festival poetry competition, presented by Independent Schools Victoria. Her poem Silver Lining took our the award in the Year 3-4 category of the competition, which asked participants to write a poem on any topic, covering the theme of ‘hope’. 

The judges agreed that her poem was: “A sincere and hopeful ode to the pandemic. The short phrases and crispness of language engage and inspire.” 

Not only does Mehak’s entry demonstrate her wonderful writing ability, but it also highlights the resilience and inner strength of our future leaders through a turbulent time in their schooling journey, which is often not recognised. We are incredibly proud of Mehak for her optimism and enthusiasm. 

You can view Mehak reading her poem aloud via the video below, or read it for yourself. 

Silver Lining – Mehak Soin, Year 4 Student, Melbourne Girls Grammar

Dark, Doom, Danger
Moon mysteriously gone
The winds wearing down
Schools amidst shutdowns
People living in lockdown
Nation in nightmare
World suffering in sadness
All I hear are sounds of silence
Things are going tough
Universe is united in cure
People healing with hope
Workers are our warriors
We are braver than we believe
We are stronger than we seem
Tough times never last
Now is the time to stand up or never
Together we will get through
Australia, we are in it together