The Artemis Centre

Opening in 2017, the world-class Artemis Centre will embody Melbourne Girls Grammar’s commitment to the wellbeing of its students.

The Artemis Centre is the epicentre of the wellbeing agenda at Melbourne Girls Grammar.

We chose Artemis because this is the mythical goddess who represents strength and good health.

An education for life promotes attributes and skills a young person needs to understand and manage their own wellbeing. We will be asking our girls to monitor and track their wellbeing. The MGGS Wellbeing Index is an innovation that provides an evidence base for us to know that our girls are flourishing and developing a mindset for managing their wellbeing.

When the doors open on our new community hub in mid-2017 a new era in education will begin.

We want to nurture strong, capable girls who are self-directed and good decision makers. They will be young women who persist in challenging situations, develop positive relationships, and have a growth mindset.

Our Centre will be a positive, appealing and purpose built facility, enabling girls to have a depth of varied and diverse wellbeing program opportunities.

We have a proud tradition of being at the forefront of girls participating in sport. The facility will cement our proactive agenda of promoting diverse sporting opportunities and participation for all Melbourne Girls Grammar girls.

This is the most exciting project Melbourne Girls Grammar has embarked on for decades and we want to engage the whole School community in this unique opportunity.

Demolition of the Tom Thomas Gymnasium occurred in 2014, with construction commencing in 2015. The Artemis Centre will open in 2017.

We would not be here without the support of the School Community in making pledges and donations to the Capital Campaign.

We are grateful to the Property, Finance and Capital Campaign Committees, whose members have contributed many hours to ensure this project could be realised.

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