Washington Welcomes MGGS Insights

Washington Welcomes MGGS Insights

Melbourne Girls Grammar (MGGS) Principal Catherine Misson and Director of Senior Years Nikki Kirkup recently flew to Washington to share with international educators how a new way of schooling is transforming the lives of students at MGGS.


Mrs Misson and Ms Kirkup presented at the Education Innovation conference held in Washington and hosted by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS). The NCGS, of which MGGS is a member, brings together global education thought leaders and provides resources and advocacy for over 220 all-girls schools.

The Education Innovation conference, which took place from 25 – 27 June, focused on building cultures of creativity. Mrs Misson and Ms Kirkup took to the stage to chart the trajectory from MGGS’s Middle Years transformation right through to the inception of the Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE) and Artemis Centre.

“At MGGS, we are proud to have developed a transformative Senior Years Program that prioritises our girls’ long-term wellbeing,” Mrs Misson said. “Our international counterparts are watching with great interest as we facilitate a new way of schooling where girls are empowered to self-regulate and shape where and how they learn.”

Delegates were also enamoured with Artemis Centre as a community hub where academic, social and physical pathways are seamlessly integrated in welcoming and inclusive environs. “The needs of our girls dictated not only the shape of our learning programs but the design of Artemis Centre too,” Mrs Misson said.

Ms Kirkup, who joined Mrs Misson on stage, described the Education Innovation conference as both inspiring and collegial. “It was very satisfying to connect with educators from around the globe and forge new relationships with like-minded innovators,” Ms Kirkup said. “I was delighted to see so many of our contemporaries share our passion for ensuring girls develop entrepreneurial mindsets,” Ms Kirkup said. “I look forward to ongoing dialogues as we build upon these new networks.”

The Washington conference rounds out a busy calendar of conferences for MGGS. In early June, MGGS representatives took part in the eduTECH conference and, back in March, MGGS was also invited to present at the National FutureSchools Expo.