Introducing Field Award winner Millicent Perkins

Introducing Field Award winner Millicent Perkins

Millicent’s Field Award was hard won. A talented snow skier, throughout Years 9 and 10 Millicent competed consistently at the Mount Buller Race Club and participated in an International Racer program in Canada. Sadly, last year, Millicent had an accident on the slopes and suffered a brain injury. Despite a five-week absence from school, she showed incredible courage and perseverance and managed to maintain Academic Honours across all of her subjects.

Millicent has immeasurable gratitude for the family, friends and teachers who supported her during her rehabilitation. Now back to good health, she describes her recovery as enlightening. “It showed me how strong I really am,” Millicent explains. “I learnt you can get back from any setback.”

She is even continuing her Community Action and Service activity, despite having completed the Field Award requirement. Millicent is a member of the Salvation Army Reading Club, where she inspires disadvantaged children to develop a love of reading. “It’s so rewarding to make bonds and connections with people outside of the school community and to know I am impacting their learning.”

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