Improving STEM Education and Skills

Improving STEM Education and Skills

At the close of Term 2, Kellie Morgan (Director of ELC and Junior Years) presented at the national conference in Sydney ‘Improving STEM Education and Skills’.

Kellie was invited to speak on account of our School’s reputation as leading innovation in girls’ education, given our 2015 Innovative Schools Award, relating to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

The conference championed 21st-century contemporary teaching practices, project-based learning and STEM frameworks. The event aims to give teachers an opportunity to network, to find out what’s happening, what’s working and what kind of challenges other schools have faced.

The most powerful learning happens when teachers can step back and allow children to take ownership and drive their discovery themselves.

Kellie Morgan, Director of Early Learning and Junior Years

As the only presenter representing the Junior Years, Kellie’s presentation focused on the way we approach STEM with our Early Learning and Prep – Year 4 girls, which was well received by an audience of predominantly secondary educators, all impressed with the capabilities of our youngest students.

Kellie was keen to hear from the other speakers about what is happening in schools around Australia. Many schools expressed a keen desire to work collaboratively with Melbourne Girls Grammar to inspire and empower each other to drive this important agenda.


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