Encouraging a Love of Reading

Encouraging a Love of Reading

Three years ago, a group of Melbourne Girls Grammar students with a passion for reading wanted to advocate for equality in the publishing industry by establishing the MGGS Stella Society. Now in its third year of operation, the Society is thriving, under the supervision of Christophe Taylor, our Head of English, thanks to a dedicated team of members who are continuing to raise funds for the Stella Prize and create awareness for Australian women authors.  

Students at Melbourne Girls Grammar are empowered to find their passions and interests while learning from strong female role models. The Stella Society combines a love of reading with female authors who can share their experience with students who have similar passions. The Stella Society aims to enhance our Grammarians’ literacy and reading skills by offering a challenging text selection of Stella books, meeting Stella-nominated authors, voicing and publishing their reviews within the community, as well as advocating for gender diversity and representation, notably through some fundraising. 

‘I have been delighted to be involved with the MGGS Stella Society. It is a treat, as an author, to meet outside the confines of the traditional class or workshop and remember that literature and creative writing is a conversation – and often, at Melbourne Girls Grammar, a very spirited and candid conversation – where large and sometimes abstract themes of gender, writing, representation and having a voice as part of our cultural and social contribution can be explored more fully. I am always eager to take part in the dynamic discussions the Stella Society affords the students at MGGS, and commend the school for devoting time and focus to a program like this one.  Its benefits are qualitative and potentially far-reaching, and it sets up exactly the kind of inclusive and thoughtful atmosphere in which I am honoured to discuss my work and its wider themes.’ 
Cate Kennedy, The Stella Prize shortlist 2013 for ‘Like a House on Fire’  

Though many 2020 School events have been cancelled due to restrictions, we’re thrilled to be holding the third edition of our MGGS Stella Society Literary Evening virtually on Thursday 27 August 2020 from 7.00pm – 8.00pm! At the event, attendees will hear our Stella Society members’ reviews of books longlisted for The Stella Prize 2020, as well as from Jaclyn Booton, the Executive Director of The Stella Prize and former MGGS student, Beatrix Appleton. During the live webinarshortlisted author for the 2020 Stella Prize and 2016 Stella Prize Winner, Charlotte Wood, will be interviewed by our Grammarians. Charlotte’s experiences as a female author in the Australian literary landscape, as well as her book The Weekend, will be covered, and guests will also have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session.  

If you would like to join the session, book via the link below.