Strategic Plan 2020-25

Our world is changing rapidly, and the future requires schools to prepare students with a set of skills and knowledge for the unknown.

With this in mind, The Strategic Plan 2020-25 focusses on The Learner. Our aim is to create an educational ecosystem that is learner-centred and encourages independence and interdependence rather than dependence. Radiating from the centre four key elements have been defined – culture, learning, environment and community – with an overlay of our core values. Together they create an ecosystem that ensures that all who engage with the Melbourne Girls Grammar community are future focused and aspire to be critical thinkers keen to learn.

Forecasts predict that employability over the next decades will require creativity combined with high technical skills, and social and emotional intelligence. It is already apparent that our Grammarians have been born in a time characterised by an increased global outlook and levels of influence. Their future is a world in which work, society, and community are subject to increasingly complex pressures and influences; their lives will be immersed in a constant flux at an ever-increasing pace and complexity. It will be underpinned by a preference for high speed access to interactive information and enhanced communication technologies. They will need to deal with conflict management, disparities in the distribution of resources and opportunities, as well as tackling the problems of climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Student Centred Learning ecosystem of Melbourne Girls Grammar

Knowing a lot well is not enough. We seek to personalise learning by providing challenges that will engage through the design of varied opportunities that foster a diverse skill set. Through collaborative partnerships – home and school; current and past students; industry and educator – we aim to develop within each learner the resilience and capacity to problem solve when they don’t know what to do. We educate for the unknown.

Within the Melbourne Girls Grammar community we believe that learning is for life; we aim to instil a learner mindset for those in our community; a mindset that remains future focussed and enables individuals to seek opportunities, build capabilities, research and innovate, and extend collaborative networks.

After much consultation, design and collaboration, Melbourne Girls Grammar is proud to release The Strategic Plan 2020-25. It takes the notion of learner centricity and provides a clear vision for 2020-2025. It outlines what is needed to prepare the 2040 graduate articulating goals, targets and actions that will ensure Melbourne Girls Grammar continues to evolve. 

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