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Melbourne Girls Grammar is a place where challenge and choice create opportunities for every student to discover who she is meant to be.

A leader in girls’ education since 1893, our School has built an outstanding reputation for excellence, enabling students to develop with confidence and independence.

World-class learning programs, state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive co-curricular program inspire each student to achieve their best in the classroom and beyond.

To educate is to make an intervention into the lives of others. When we intervene, we do so with certain assumptions about the value of what we are doing and why. Building students' capacity for future readiness is a moral-ethical learning endeavour and one that cannot be left to chance.

To achieve this, Melbourne Girls Grammar promotes a progressive, contemporary community of practice committed to providing personalised high quality curriculum, wellbeing and co-curricular programs that enable lifelong learning for every student. We are future focused and committed to inspiring our Grammarians and equipping them with the values, knowledge and skills to be ready to make their mark on the world.

Dr Toni Meath, Principal

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Melbourne Girls Grammar aspires to develop ethical women of action. Through a focus on learning, research and innovation, we will be recognised by our own community, the national and international community as a leading school in girls’ education. 

In the pursuit of our vision, Melbourne Girls Grammar is committed to the provision of an exceptional education for girls with an emphasis on strong Christian values, high expectations, creativity and academic challenge.

Within a supportive and positive learning environment, girls will discover their passion and build their capacities for action and influence.

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Self-discipline

Melbourne Girls Grammar is committed to the principles of a liberal democracy. To learn more, view our Statement of Democratic Principles.

Future Proof

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, our girls are challenged to explore different ways of thinking, preparing them to navigate the unknowns of the future. We are delighted to share the inspiring stories of 6 exceptional Old Grammarians (OGs), who are thriving in the world beyond our red brick walls.

Our OGs echo the sentiment that an education at MGGS has left them with not only a powerful network of lifelong friends, but also enduring themes of collaboration, social justice and empowerment.

Frankie Cox has had a passion for cooking her entire life. She was hand-picked to be the Executive Chef in one of New York’s most popular restaurants, Two Hands, and has been making waves in the international culinary scene ever since. Graduating from Melbourne Girls Grammar in 2008, Frankie fondly remembers the culture of mutual trust and respect between the students and teachers, and the encouragement to be an individual and forge her own path.

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Jessie Smith is a criminal defence lawyer and is the founder of Supporting and Empowering Women (SEW). Zoe Weir has a background in fashion design, and is the owner and designer at her boutique, Teeny Tiny Hut in Richmond.

Jessie and Zoe reconnected at an MGGS reunion event, and collaborated to expand the operations of SEW, a social enterprise supporting HIV positive women in Tanzania through creating bags and purses. Jessie graduated in 2004, and Zoe completed her schooling at MGGS in 2003, and both reflect on the vast range of career paths their cohort selected, and recall the imprint of social justice and entrepreneurship left on them by the School.

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Kate Davis is the Regional Public Affairs Manager for the Department of Defence, and a Flight Lieutenant, Public Affairs Officer in the Royal Australian Airforce. Kate graduated from Melbourne Girls Grammar in 1997, and recalls the supportive environment at the School, and believes her schooling experience set her up for the future.

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Katie Michelmore is studying a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash University, and is currently at the National Training Centre to Rowing, training to row at the 2020 Olympics representing Australia. Katie graduated from Melbourne Girls Grammar in 2012 and recalls the vital role her teachers played in encouraging her to find her passions in life.

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Dana Ma is a Data Engineer at Zendesk, a Silicon Valley company, and develops customer service software for clients all over the world. Dana has a Master of Mathematics from Cambridge University, and graduated from Melbourne Girls Grammar in 2009.

Dana attended Melbourne Girls Grammar on a scholarship and to this day recalls the excitement of learning that she would be attending the school. She praises her teachers, who opened her eyes to the mathematical world, and helped her find her passion.

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