MGGS Announces Special Flood Scholarship

MGGS Announces Special Flood Scholarship

Melbourne Girls Grammar understands and acknowledges the impact the recent Victorian and New South Wales floods have had on families. As a result, the School has created a new scholarship for families impacted by the recent floods.  
Many families in some areas of Victoria and New South Wales are currently dealing with the traumatic impact of extreme weather and flooding. MGGS would like to extend a helping hand by offering the daughter of two families a scholarship to study and board at our School in Melbourne. 

The special scholarship, offered in addition to our regular scholarships, is available to girls who will be studying Year 9 in 2023. Successful recipients of this special scholarship will receive remission for a large portion of their tuition and boarding fees for the duration of their schooling at Melbourne Girls Grammar, from the point of entry until graduation in Year 12 (four years in total).  


MGGS is offering the daughter of two families a scholarship to join our boarding community and study at our School in Melbourne.

“As a school community, we stand together to recognise and support those residents who  
are affected by the devastation of this ongoing state of emergency and the resulting  
displacement,” Principal Dr Toni Meath said.  

“We hope we will be able to make a difference for a couple of families who have really suffered from the recent floods.”  
“The Melbourne Girls Grammar community understands the importance of providing  
educational opportunities to young people.  

“Our scholarship program provides girls who have potential and who can demonstrate how access to an education at the School can advance their academic study, passion for learning and alignment to the values of the School a chance to study within a vibrant and supportive community.”  
The selected scholars will belong to our boarding family and receive the support they need in their new living and educational environment in Melbourne.  

Our Boarding House is home to about 90 girls from regional areas in Australia (Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territories, etc.), our indigenous scholars and students from international locations as well. 
If you know of a family who has been impacted by the floods and who has a daughter  
currently in Year 8, please encourage them to apply for this scholarship (closing on 18  
December 2022) or to contact the School for further details.