Special Scholarship

Melbourne Girls Grammar would like to extend a helping hand to two families affected by the recent floods in Victoria and New South Wales by offering their daughter a scholarship to study and board with us in Melbourne.

Support for families affected by the recent floods 

Many families in some areas of Victoria and New South Wales are currently dealing with the traumatic impact of extreme weather and flooding.

As a school community, we stand together to recognise and support those residents who are affected by the devastation of this ongoing state of emergency and the resulting displacement. Melbourne Girls Grammar would like to offer a boarding scholarship to two families who have been directly affected by the floods.

scholarship benefits

Successful recipients of this special scholarship will receive remission for a portion of their tuition and boarding fees for the duration of their schooling at Melbourne Girls Grammar, from the point of entry until graduation in Year 12.


This special scholarship is available to students for entry into: 

  • Year 9 in 2023 as a boarding student

To be considered for this scholarship at Melbourne Girls Grammar, candidates will need to detail in which ways their family and household has been affected by the recent floods in Victoria or New South Wales. 


Applications for this special scholarship will be open from 22 November to 18 December 2022. 

The only requirement to apply is to fill the online application form and provide NAPLAN results and school reports. Families will be contacted by the Enrolment team for more details if necessary.