Harnessing Emerging Technologies: Sensory Experience

Harnessing Emerging Technologies: Sensory Experience

In the Middle Years Program at Melbourne Girls Grammar, student-led inquiry is the key to empowering students to pursue their passions and extend their learning.

Our Year 6 students focussed on Media this term and were tasked with addressing how new technologies can be harnessed to have a positive impact on society.

By choosing an important societal issue that means something to each student, the girls each addressed a topic that meant something to them and presented a solution utilising innovative technologies such as VR, AR, 360 degree video, interactive media or e-learning technologies to visually demonstrate their solution.

Ruby chose to address: How might I use green spaces to strengthen a sense of peace?

My project was a sensory experience, including smell, sound and sight.
Ruby, Year 6

With more and more infrastructure being built, we know there’s a growing issue of less spaces for trees and greenery. Ruby investigated how the lack of green space was affecting people’s mental health and decided to tackle the issue with a sensory experience using projections that made people feel as though they were in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

“My project was a sensory experience, including smell, sound and sight. It had two projections on two walls. On the table in the centre of a circle of couches there were different samples of leaves from my herb garden and the Wildfell garden to provide an all-round experience,” said Ruby.

Ruby’s main goal for the experience was to make the space a welcoming and relaxing place for people to spend time. She put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the technology supported her project in the best way that promoted the feelings of wellbeing and relaxation.

“I think my problem was important to address because relaxation is not often considered important, but it can actually be very useful if you are a busy student or person,” Ruby said.

With extensive work on mindfulness in Year 5 and 6, Ruby was aware firsthand of the benefit of taking time to appreciate the things around us, and how our relationship with nature can promote feelings of peace and wellbeing.