Future Proof: Katie Michelmore (2012)

Future Proof: Katie Michelmore (2012)

Katie Michelmore has had a lifelong interest in understanding the way that things work and function, as well as how to create and build things. Currently studying a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash University, as well as training to represent Australia at the 2020 Olympics at the National Training Centre for Rowing, Katie is thriving in her fast-paced life following School.

“At Melbourne Girls Grammar, passion is almost contagious”

Katie believes that her current path was forged through the passions she formed whilst she was at School, through the girls around her, and through the teachers which acted as her mentors.


Stay tuned for our final video story next week, highlighting an exceptional woman who started her journey at Melbourne Girls Grammar!

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