From the Principal: 27 November 2023

From the Principal: 27 November 2023

As the story grows and our history continues,
We’ll have played our part, been the best that we can be.
And when the time comes we’ll remember 
The journey that brought us all together, 
We are one, I stand with you and you with me. ―Michelle Mah (Year 10). Excerpt from ‘Brighter Than Ever Before’, the winner of our 130 Anniversary Song Competition. 

As the School looks to the final days of Term 4, there is much to be grateful for; there is a hum of busyness at all campuses as the academic year comes to a close. At Merton Hall, the exams are over. Our Step-up Program is in full swing, and teachers are busily assessing and writing reports. We are awaiting the VCE results and our ELC Grammarians are charming us with their choreographed enactment of the birth of Jesus. Morris Hall welcomes its incoming Preps and farewells its outgoing Year 4s as they look to move to Wildfell next year. And at each campus the Christmas trees are up – it is that time of year again!

I am honoured to have led the School in 2023 and I am proud of the many successes that have unfolded for our community throughout our 130th Anniversary Year.

This year we have continued to engender a love of learning in our community and to hold on to our deep philosophy of scholarliness and innovation. This has enabled a world-class contemporary approach to teaching and the delivery of a curriculum that encourages girls and young women to be successful. Horizontal accountability is important to my style of leadership, meaning that our School can achieve great things when the adults within the community – that is Council members, teachers, parents, guardians, grandparents, and alumnae – have a sense of shared vision and accountability, and in 2023 we have seen this in action. My role as Principal means that I work closely with the School Council and all stakeholders. Together, we define the direction we take to ensure our integrity and success as a School – a strong financial position, celebrated culture, and clear strategic priorities for our educational programs and the facilities that enable them.   

We can see clear evidence of this in the development and consolidation in 2023, the fourth year of our 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan. We have collectively worked towards achieving the goals we have set with a focused purpose. Our School Council has provided excellent governance and MGGS has been fully supported by the Parents Association, the Old Grammarians Society and the Merton Hall Foundation.

We finish 2023 with significant proof points of success, including the largest enrolment in the history of the School and the strongest sporting results ever, competitive academic results, a loyal and committed staff, extensive repair to our beloved Chapel, the establishment of Glenhope as our Community Hub, a new Year 7 Hub in progress and a bold Strategic Development Framework to support our vision of growth for the next twenty years. But of most importance, happy and healthy Grammarians! As Principal, I look forward to leading with strength in 2024 and the infinite optimistic possibilities that lie ahead for our beautiful School.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Speech Night celebration at the Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday 29 November and to the Carol Service on Wednesday 6 December. Our Grammarians have been busy rehearsing and the massed singing sounds truly amazing! 

With every best wish for a healthy, happy and safe summer break to all!

Yours in learning,

Dr Toni E. Meath