Football Families

Football Families

Many of our students that have fond early memories of kicking the footy in the backyard together have now found themselves reunited on the field, with several sisters kicking goals on the field and in the classroom.   

Melbourne Girls Grammar School offers a popular football program as part of the Girls Sport Victoria competition where 24 schools compete throughout Term 2 in a seven week plus finals season. The football program focuses on individual skill developmentteam strategy and teamwork. Training is twice per week and is open to students of all experience levels from Years 7 to 12 

This year we find four sisters from one family all in the A Team, with Senior A team coach and Carlton VFLW player Cleo Faulks (2018 Old Grammarian), Phoebe Faulks (Year 12), Eloise Faulks (Year 11), and Tess Faulks (Year 9).  

As well as sisterly connections, many of the players have been inspired by the game from the footsteps of their family as Senior A team player Sophie McKay (Year 9) being coached by sister Abbie (2018 Grammarian), who already is a superstar AFLW player for Carlton, and both daughters of Carlton great Andrew McKay. 

Within our football program you will also find Heidi Templeton (2018 Old Grammarian) as a Junior A Team coach and sister Harriette (Year 11) in the Senior A team, sisters Harriet and Amelia Kogler playing together in the Senior A team, and sisters Grace and Imogen Perrett both in the Junior A teamWe also have Samantha O’Keefe (Year 8) in the Junior A Team and sister Nicola O’Keefe (Year 11) in the Senior B Team. 

“So far this season all the Junior and Senior teams are undefeated sitting on top of their respective ladders. The sister connection continues to shine throughout all teams at MGGS with a great culture and cohesion shown by all players and coaches.” says Anthony Bruhn, Head of Sports and Coaching. 

There are many more sister duos (and trios) coming through the ranks as they learn just how rewarding it can be to make new friends, stay fit and see the ball soar through the goal posts.  

group photo of students in huddle after football match

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