Education Can Change Lives

Education Can Change Lives

Melbourne Girls Grammar’s 2022 Annual Giving campaign is ramping up with the end of the financial year only a few weeks away. The focus this year is to provide opportunities to families who would otherwise not be able to send their daughters to Melbourne Girls Grammar. All funds raised will be allocated to progressing the scholarship of these young women. 

MGGS scholarship recipients and 2021 and 2022 School Captains Lilli and Ahelee exemplify what a student who has potential can do when given an opportunity to blossom within our environment. 

Despite joining in different year levels, Lilli in Year 9 and Ahelee Year 6, they both grabbed the opportunities offered to them with both hands, determined to do their best during their time at MGGS and to give back to the community that helped them. 

Lilli, an Indigenous scholar who hails from a small town in New South Wales, said that she applied to be 2021 School Captain because she wanted to give back to the community that had offered her amazing opportunities. 

Another reason behind her application was her desire to be a role model for other indigenous girls and boarders from small towns, to show that they too can achieve their goals and make a difference.  

2021 School Catpain Lilli Ingram speaks at the 2021 SEC Inauguration.

Lilli said MGGS taught her “that I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it” and allowed her to “feel empowered, and to empower other girls alongside me”. 

Now chasing her dream of becoming a human rights lawyer, Lilli is just one fantastic example of what a young woman can do when given the opportunity and empowered in the right environment. 

Ahelee, Lilli’s successor as School Captain, is another of many examples of how a scholarship to MGGS can change a student’s life.  

She wrote in the latest edition of Information Exchange that her “family has always championed the idea that an education, and a good education, is the most powerful gift we can receive.” 

“I have grown up hearing stories of how the amazing education and high school experiences they [father Atiq and mother Nira] had as students of MGGS-equivalent schools in their birth country, Bangladesh, prepared them for the life they lead now, particularly in their transition as international students to Australia, twenty years ago.” 

“Now that I am almost at the end of my time as a MGGS student, with only a few months left to go, I truly understand how powerful and important education that focuses simultaneously on academics and character can be.” 

Ahelee, who received a performance-based academic scholarship, said she is thankful to the Melbourne Girls Grammar community for allowing her to become a member and hoped it could continue to support more girls like her. 

“I felt honoured that a school like MGGS, with its rich tapestry of history and culture that has pioneered girls’ education for more than a century, chose me to be a part of its community,” she wrote. 

“I hope that the wider school community is able to donate and support girls like nine-year-old Ahelee – anxious to prove herself, dreaming of wearing the uniform and walking through the School gates as a student of Melbourne Girls Grammar.”  

Scholarships will continue to provide students like Ahelee and Lilli with the opportunity to achieve, develop their leadership skills and to define their own path and pursue individual passions and interests. 

You too can help make a difference in the life of a student like Ahelee and Lilli by donating to our scholarship fund via our 2022 Annual Giving Campaign here. Give the gift of education and empower the next generation of young women.  

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