Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality in Education

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, as a leader in girls’ education we are committed to providing a platform for our students to adapt to today’s fast changing technological environment.

Recently our School partnered with Oxford University Press to trial a prototype of an Augmented Reality (AR) technology, aiming to supplement traditional textbooks in the classroom. Through an in-built camera on a mobile device, AR overlays digital information and multimedia on real world objects such as the printed page, making images three-dimensional and interactive.

In the trial, using tablets to activate the animations and images, our girls observed aerial and spliced views of a volcano erupting, a comparison of motor vehicle aerodynamics, and a visualisation of electricity. Watch below to see how our girls embraced the new technology. 

Through partnering with organisations like Oxford University Press and by encouraging our girls to interact with new technology, we hope to further develop their digital literacy skills, enhancing learning experiences.

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