A Celebration of The Arts

A Celebration of The Arts

On a dark winter’s evening on Wednesday 31 July, Melbourne Girls Grammar was thrilled to present the inaugural Dark Arts Winter Festival. The Festival was a fantastic opportunity for the wider MGGS community to come together at the Merton Hall campus to celebrate all things artistic through a series of exhibitions and performances in art, drama, dance and music

With inspiration from the traditions of White Night and the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, the Dark Arts Winter Festival allowed the audience to be immersed in a variety of experiences to engage the creative senses.

An example of student artwork at MGGS displayed at The Dark Arts Festival


From art exhibitions, drama solos and improvised performances to orchestra, ensembles and music recitals, the School came alive with sounds, lights, and movement. In the Library Drum, students shared their immersive Mixed Reality experiences utilising Virtual and Augmented Reality, and outside student videos, design work and photography painted the walls with moving images.

Being creative, artistic, moving, playing and practising – these are all elements of developing innovative, critical thinkers. By providing every opportunity to express themselves creatively, we can empower our girls to be the innovators, thinkers, problem solvers and makers who can change the world.

From the Middle Years through to Year 12, art experiences are encouraged in a variety of mediums to enhance our Grammarians knowledge of the world around them. We provide the opportunity to develop creatively, based on personal experience and expression.

We’re so lucky to have such talented, passionate members of staff who devote so much care and attention to enriching the MGGS experience for our girls, and that our students were able to invite family and friends to experience their creative endeavours in such a wonderful setting. 

The festival was a resounding success and magically lit up our historical buildings, and left visitors amazed by the time, effort and dedication our students gave to the event itself and their passions overall.

This dynamic and interactive event exemplified the School’s approach towards collaboration, environment, culture and community. We can’t wait for next year.