2019 VCE Pathways

2019 VCE Pathways

We congratulate our 2019 graduates on their university offers, and wish them all the best for the journey ahead!

Preparing our Grammarians for an uncertain future sits at the heart of every program at Melbourne Girls Grammar. This year has been a true test to be agile, dynamic and flexible to rise to the challenge of ever-changing circumstances. It has always been important to build knowledge, skills and capabilities so that when our graduates go on to higher education, and build the foundations for future careers, they are fully equipped and will thrive. Even in a pandemic. 

The VCE Results of our 2019 cohort already demonstrated the determination, intelligence and well roundedness of our Grammarians, proving they are intellectually ready to take on the world. Their study offers, however, allow us further insight into the passions and interests our Grammarians are pursuing through tertiary study.  

Principal Dr Toni Meath said, “Our graduates are known for being fearless and courageous, so 2020 has been an interesting year in which to step out into the big wide world! Usually at this time of year, our Grammarians are spread across the globe engaging in some well-earned freedom, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed their adventures. While our university applicants are yet to experience tertiary life face to face, they have demonstrated the many skills they have while forging ahead with their futures in virtual settings. For those who were set to experience the world in a ‘gap’ year, many have found extra time at home with their families to be a valuable experience, some even helping others participate in remote learning. When the pandemic lifts, I am confident that they will have their moments in the sun and more opportunities to show us the various successful endeavours they have planned. Lucky they are an intrepid bunch!”

While our university applicants are yet to experience tertiary life face to face, they have demonstrated the many skills they have while forging ahead with their futures in virtual settings. Dr Toni Meath Principal

Offers by Institution

Offers by Career Field

At school the 2019 cohort showed an incredible amount of empathy through their actions – by fundraising and volunteering; in the way they have spoken up for causes close to their hearts; and being activists wherever possible for those who needed a voice. It is therefore not surprising that the 2019 cohort when compared with previous years, have pursued studies in international relations, global studies, human rights and humanitarianism. Law has been a favoured pathway for our Grammarians for many years, but when coupled with Science, or other fields it opens up opportunities to pursue careers in environmental law, forensic science, urban planning, or ethics.

This year, we have observed a slight increase in the number girls pursuing non-traditional careers in Information Technology, including courses in software engineering, operating systems, programming and database systems. The focus on STEM at MGGS and extension programs in these study areas over a period of time, demonstrate the belief in our Grammarians that they can do anything. 

As always Health and Allied Science has been a beaconStudents have again achieved direct entry into courses in Medicine at Monash and the pathway to Medicine via Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne, as well as offers in Health-related career pathways. Allied Health including sports science, physiotherapy, nutrition, and dietetics were popular this year, reinforcing that the knowledge gained from our integrated health and wellness programs at MGGS is a strong motivator for further learning.

The innovative Senior Years Program, focuses our Grammarians on the importance of wellbeing and what that means for physical, mental and emotional health. It emphasises the importance to be active every day as a means of building self-confidence, determination, energy and concentration. These life skills set our students up for independent study and have reinforced self-motivational habits, the importance of self-regulating and managing time, and resilience.   

This confidence has been demonstrated in the commitment to their studies while at school but also to the determination of our graduates to discover new courses that will best set them up for the future.  One such course, was the newly introduced degree at Monash in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, previously only offered at ANU. With a high entry level ATAR of 90 or more, and the need to undergo an interview, we are very proud of the two Grammarians who were offered coveted places in this course. This type of degree shows the emphasis on 21st century skills for the future and the multidisciplinary focus required to take knowledge and skills and apply them in new situations. Residential Colleges have provided a further dimension and opportunity to increase interpersonal skills and demonstrate collegiality and collaboration through working, studying and living with others.   

Overall, we are thrilled to see our Grammarians recognising their strengths and finding courses that allow them to continue their learning while simultaneously enabling them to develop their passions. While their first year of study might not have gone exactly to plan, we have enjoyed seeing where a love of learning has taken our graduates.  As they start thinking about future careers, they will continue to discover new interests and pursue avenues, some that might not yet exist, and embrace the unknown as a new challenge with enthusiasm and positivity.  

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