2018 VCE Pathways

2018 VCE Pathways

We congratulate our 2018 graduates on their university offers, and wish them all the best for the journey ahead!

Our 2018 VCE pathways demonstrate the commitment our Grammarians have to their studies. These brilliant results also demonstrate our School community’s capacity to support all students to achieve their personal best.

Exposure to new ways of thinking, testing ideas, and following interests early, help our Grammarians define who they are (identity), their abilities (capacity), and what they do (agency). Where our students gained offers in 2019 demonstrates that they are continuing to make choices that will enable them to realise their ambitions and positively impact the communities in which they will operate.

We recognise that our pleasing VCE results are only part of the story as far as the experiences our students are afforded in their time with us. Most importantly, it is the dispositions and values that our students graduate with that afford them the agency for self-determination and therefore success in a diversity of chosen careers.

Dr Toni Meath


Offers by Institution

Offers by Career Field

VCE Results 2018

These results also highlight the strength of our Senior Years Program. From Year 9, MGGS Grammarians take control of their own learning, select courses of interest and pursue their passions. A holistic approach to learning combines academic rigour with wellbeing, personalised coaching and support programs, while our enterprise programs expand their experience and horizons.

The enterprise program enables them to select experiences that build on their interests. They can: explore global themes and issues through the UN; discover the diversity of artistic styles throughout history and contextualising creative thinking in response to time and place; solve problems for the betterment of society in remote communities; and innovate through the application of technology and scientific practice.

Our students have the ability to make choices; to find relevance in their learning and stimulate an open mind capable of sharing ideas, understanding complexity and building skills and knowledge.