VCE Results – Class of 2018

VCE Results – Class of 2018

Congratulations to the class of 2018!

“The Class of 2018 championed our mantra of ‘sisterhood’ in this our 125th year. They were compassionate, inclusive and encouraging big sisters, deepening the wonderful connections that make being a student at Melbourne Girls Grammar so very special.

We are very proud of them, young women with the substance to make a difference in the world. In acknowledging the Class of 2018, we look far beyond their results: an education for life is anchored on values and inspires the confidence to seize opportunities. We celebrate the breadth of accomplishments of our 2018 graduates.

These wonderful results demonstrate our School community’s capacity to support all girls to achieve their personal best: outstanding teachers collaborating and guiding highly committed students within an environment that promotes confidence, humility and optimism.

To our Year 12 class of 2018: you are strong minded and strong hearted and I have so enjoyed seeing you mature into the women you are. You are ready for the world of opportunities before you. Embrace the future, relish the challenges, be kind to yourselves when the stretch is difficult, and know that we are always here for you.”

Catherine Misson, Principal

2018 VCE Results

2018 High Achievers

The following students received an ATAR of 95 or higher:

Sarah Gigante (99.95) Hannah Hains (98.85) Cleo Faulks (96.75)
Isobel Nicholls (99.95) Miranda Hoffman (98.85) Jessica Gough (96.70)
Alexandria Un (99.95) Annabel Nelson (98.65) Edwina Carr (96.35)
Yen Sim (99.90) Amelia Chipperfield (98.60) Eliza Clunies-Ross (96.30)
Alana Komesaroff (99.85) Millicent Perkins (98.60) Kathryn Morgan (96.15)
Dawon (Dawn) Lee (99.85) Emma McRobert (98.50) Name Withheld (96.15)
Sophie Butcher (99.75) Stephanie (Annie) Burgess (98.25) Eliza Cornelissen (96.05)
Yunfei (Margaret) Chen (99.65) Nicola Jerkovic (98.25) Evangeline Mullins (96.00)
Ella Best (99.60) Stavroula (Star) Zographos (98.20) Anastasia (Stacey) Parker (95.50)
Name Withheld (99.20) Isabella Barclay (98.15) Olivia Fairchild (95.45)
Esmé Muller (99.15) Sophie Smith (97.55) Name Withheld (95.20)
Alexandra Bortolussi (99.05) Felicity Irwin (97.50) Olivia Ripani (95.15)
Matilda (Tildy) Longbottom (99.05) Name Withheld (97.00) Emma Beaumont (95.10)
Lucia Stockdale (98.90) Georgia Mercuri (96.90)  


The following girls received the outstanding news of a perfect Study Score during their Year 11 and Year 12 VCE studies:

YEAR 12 Isabella Barclay Physical Education
  Ella Best Physical Education in 2017
  Olivia Fairchild Business Management
  Alana Komesaroff Psychology
  Matilda (Tildy) Longbottom Geography
  Isobel Nicholls Chemistry and Specialist Mathematics and Biology in 2017
  Yen Sim Psychology and Biology in 2017
  Sophie Smith Italian
  Alexandria Un Biology and Mathematical Methods in 2017
 YEAR 11 Madeleine Ouvrier Further Mathematics
  Jessica Wu Chinese Second Language


Meet our 2018 School Duces

We congratulate Sarah Gigante, Isobel Nicholls and Alexandria Un on receiving the maximum possible ATAR of 99.95, making up 25% of the state’s females to receive a perfect score.

Sarah Gigante

Sarah is a highly respected member of the Melbourne Girls Grammar community. She is a compassionate person, who is always inclusive of her peers and is determined to overcome obstacles in order to pursue her dreams. An outstanding student who is organised, driven and committed, Sarah challenged herself to study both Algorithmics and Mathematical Methods during Year 11. In Year 12 Sarah completed a balanced program of VCE subjects, including Chemistry, Latin, French and English Language.

“I’m very grateful for my wonderful teachers, classmates and my supportive family, who believed in me, especially when I chose to chase my cycling dreams in Europe on top of my studies.”

Sarah is proud of her ability to balance academic success with a variety of other activities, maintaining her stellar academic achievements with an extraordinary career in cycling. Currently the six-time National Champion, this year Sarah also won the Silver Medal in the Women’s Point Race at the Junior Track World Championships in Switzerland.

Isobel Nicholls

Isobel is a confident, enthusiastic and determined young woman, made evident by the genuine concern she shows for others and her ability to persevere with her studies and overcome obstacles in her pathway towards success. A highly able scholar, Isobel embraced the challenge to undertake both Biology and Mathematics Methods as a Year 11 student, and received a perfect score in biology. During her Year 12 studies, Isobel studied Chemistry, Latin, Specialist Mathematics and English Language.

“I believe that this school has provided me with guidance, room to grow and independence that has allowed me to develop in my own individual ways while embracing all my peers and teachers around me.”

Isobel’s highly impressive display of academic achievement is complemented by immense community involvement in sport, including cricket, cross country and swimming. She has a strong sense of justice and is prepared to advocate for others, illustrated through her leadership in organising various fundraising initiatives as well as her position as School Vice Captain 2018.

Alexandria Un

Alexandria is an independent, outgoing and determined young woman who stands up for what she believes in. Her peers and mentors believe her exemplary work ethic will hold her in good stead for all that she hopes to achieve in her future. Always willing to challenge herself, Alexandria studied both Biology and Mathematical Methods in Year 11, receiving perfect scores in both subjects. In Year 12, she studied English, Latin, Specialist Mathematics and Chemistry.

Alexandria successfully balanced her academic pursuits with her extensive involvement in the co-curricular life of the School, in particular making a significant contribution to music and debating. Her community mindedness has also led Alexandria to partake in community service programs, including supporting EAL students through a reading club.


2018 Student Reflections

Lily Everett

As a boarder, I have learnt to be independent, and industrious, knowing that if something needs to be done, I am the one who can make positive change. MGGS has encouraged me to be the woman I want to be, through surrounding me in a stimulating environment with so many unbelievable opportunities and incredibly inspiring people.

Edwina Carr

Through the teachers that have guided my learning, the opportunities offered, from exchanges to sports and, of course, the friendships that I have formed, I have developed as a person, both intellectually and emotionally. I now have the confidence, persistence and resilience in myself to embrace whatever happens to come next.

Shaqina Shaziman

MGGS has an outstanding program with many extra-curricular activities which always left me wanting to try new things and pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which I will be forever grateful for.

Miranda Hoffman

Having graduated in the Class of 2018, with a holistic set of life skills encompassing academia and the importance of community service, MGGS has instilled in me the belief that I have the ability to steer my future any way I choose, and to contribute to the world around me.

Emma Beaumont

As Year 12 comes to a close, I feel confident that my education at Melbourne Girls Grammar has prepared me well for adulthood. With the support of my teachers, friends and family, I feel prepared and eager to tackle the new and exciting challenges that life has to offer beyond the red brick walls.

Sophie Butcher

I’ve visited Sri Lanka and the White House, learned to make coffee, write a business plan and multiply matrices (sort of). Most importantly, I’ve acquired a love for learning and perseverance that will last a lifetime, and will always appreciate MGGS and its amazing staff for teaching me to write, reason and create.

Kathryn Morgan

My time at MGGS has been a truly incredible experience; the sense of community extends far beyond our brick walls and I have a great sense of confidence that I can face every challenge that presents itself in the future.

Millicent Perkins

Melbourne Girls Grammar has imbued me with a sense of persistence, ambition, resilience and confidence that has shaped me into a capable young woman.

Jemima Wettenhall

My friends at School and in the Boarding House have positively influenced my life and allowed me to embrace my own personality and my beliefs, and to also surround myself with friends with similar values. This education has prepared me for my future goals.