2017 VCE Pathways

2017 VCE Pathways

We congratulate our 2017 graduates on their university offers, and wish them all the best for the journey ahead!

I am delighted to share with you the post-school pathways of our 2017 graduates. Their diverse talents and passions are represented in their scope of choices. At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we empower girls to think well outside the stereotypes that can still limit women’s fields of endeavour. In whatever they do, we encourage enthusiasm, persistence, and optimism.

Our graduates are capable, confident young women ready to step into the next challenging and exciting chapter of their lives.

Catherine Misson


Offers by Institution


Offers by Career Field


These wonderful results demonstrate our School community’s capacity to support all girls to achieve their personal best: outstanding teachers collaborating and guiding highly committed students within an environment that promotes confidence, humility and optimism.

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