Students Broadcast Indigenous Studies

Students Broadcast Indigenous Studies

As a part of our Middle Years Program, Year 8 students embark on an exploration of indigenous Australian culture ahead of visiting Arnhem Land at the end of Semester 1.

Recently eight students attended a Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA) discussion panel on the possibilities and opportunities for a treaty with indigenous people within Victoria, and how Local Governments could best be involved.

Following the event, the attendees ran workshops for their peers at Melbourne Girls Grammar. The aim was to engage them in conversations about the creation of an indigenous treaty in Australia and thinking about the importance of symbolic gestures in making a beginning to practical change and improving relations with indigenous Australia.

Charles Pakana, a presenter from 3KND, Melbourne’s only Indigenous Radio Station was impressed by the insights presented by students at the panel discussion event. Charles visited the School to record a radio segment featuring our students, which was live on radio today, Wednesday 22 May.

Listen to the radio segment via the below link!

Our girls are passionate about extending their knowledge and educating non-indigenous Australians about the problems faced by indigenous people, both in the past and now.