Strong is the New Pretty Campaign

Strong is the New Pretty Campaign

During the month of September and in conjunction with the opening of the Artemis Centre, we launched our #StrongistheNewPretty campaign. The aim of this campaign was to celebrate the holistic strength of our girls, and showcase their resilience, confidence, independence and physical ability.

This catchphrase was pioneered by Kate Parker, an American photographer who recently published a book titled Strong is the New Pretty, and initiated the social media movement. Her book features images of her daughters and showcases their boldness, strength and the beauty within them. The social media movement mimics this sentiment.

Throughout the month, an image was posted every day on each of the school social media channels picturing our girls demonstrating their strength and accompanied with an inspirational quote.

During September, the school and our community showed an enormous amount of support for the campaign, with a notable example being the 3-Year-Old Thomas Group at the ELC. Under the leadership of Sharne Rees, the Thomas Group Lead Teacher, the girls explored the concept of ‘capable girls’, and created dolls based on the attributes they identified as being ‘capable’, including: strong, brave, clever, helpful, creative and funny.

To see some of the wonderful work of our girls, please view the video below which was created by Karen McClintock, one of our Morris Hall teachers.

I am thrilled and proud that my school is promoting social change in the way people perceive strength and attractiveness.

Jasmine Cash, Year 10 Student

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we place a great deal of significance on the wellbeing of our girls, and are proud to be empowering them to challenge the complex expectations of society.

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