School Recognised as Top Innovator

School Recognised as Top Innovator

When Australia’s The Educator magazine went looking for schools around the country who are leading change and innovation in the education sector they discovered for the third time that Melbourne Girls Grammar is a leader in education with an unwavering focus on empowering students to meet the challenges of the constantly evolving world they live in.

Melbourne Girls Grammar has a 125-year tradition of innovative education and is on an ambitious journey of pursuing excellence in everything we do. Whilst this has been a collective achievement, Catherine Misson’s vision, beliefs, and commitment to innovation has challenged and redefined the landscape of schooling for young people globally.

We would like to acknowledge the unwavering support and hard work of our dedicated staff, who continue to go above and beyond in the pursuit of excellence.

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Innovation at Melbourne Girls Grammar

At Melbourne Girls Grammar, we understand that the world in which our students live demands education reform. Whilst technology and globalisation are changing future career pathways for students, educators need to respond and adapt programs to create independent, critical and creative thinkers who can drive their own agenda.

Melbourne Girls Grammar has created an environment that favours life-long learning not just for students but the wider school community, a significant and lasting change. The rigorous redesign and redevelopment of the educational programs at Melbourne Girls Grammar, from Early Learning through to the Senior Years, supported by three award winning building projects has ensured that Melbourne Girls Grammar is a dynamic and innovative learning hub that will continue to drive student performance and success for years to come.

The Senior Years Program at Melbourne Girls Grammar prepares students for the future world of work. The Program continues to offer a diverse range of opportunities for students to build their understanding about their passions and talents and the types of skills, attributes and mindsets that will help them succeed and adapt to the future world of work, whatever that may look like. Students develop an enterprise mindset, with heightened capacity to thrive in the fast digitalising economy and online community spaces. The Artemis Centre provides programs and facilities that underpin its proactive approach to wellbeing. This will continue to ensure that Melbourne Girls Grammar provides world class opportunities for young women and the wider community of Melbourne, now and into the future.

Graduates of Melbourne Girls Grammar are agents of their own destiny, they believe in their capacity to influence and shape their world and have confidence in their own identity.

The philanthropic Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE) initiative extends the Schools’ commitment to innovation and leadership in education practices. CEE provides a platform for connecting educational entrepreneurs and leaders, encourages participation in curriculum innovation, international outreach, and shares information from educational excellence programs around the globe. Our global education network brings together enterprising schools and partner organisations from across the world to collaborate, with international and national schools regularly visiting Melbourne Girls Grammar to experience the innovative spaces and programs. This network along with partner organisations see themselves as leaders in supporting and educating emerging global citizens, ready to explore opportunities for personal and community growth and development. The fully customised professional learning program offered to its staff, leverages their interests and maximizes their development. An exciting component of these offerings are ‘Externships’. Staff can identify leaders in industry and not-for-profit sectors and seek a placement with them to experience the cutting-edge innovations by engaging with others in solving real and important problems.