Melbourne Girls Grammar Principal once again named in The Educator’s Hot List

Melbourne Girls Grammar Principal once again named in The Educator’s Hot List

When Australia’s The Educator went looking for individuals who have made a significant contribution to the K-12 education sector for their 2017 National Hot List they did not have to look far. They were searching for individuals at the forefront of education innovation and leadership, and for the second year in a row, agreed that Catherine Misson, Principal of Melbourne Girls Grammar, fit the bill.

Catherine Misson is widely recognised as a trail blazer in education. Her drive to create student centred practices has resulted in an historical shift in the design of schooling at Melbourne Girls Grammar. A blended learning model that breaks the nexus between student autonomy and scheduled class time has meant that students authentically shape their experience of learning. Fundamental to this focus on increased student agency is Catherine’s commitment to making wellbeing the wrap around for academics. Time is prioritised by students to integrate physical, social and emotional self-care with academic studies.

An evidence based practitioner, Catherine is also leading on big data agendas in school practice, innovating in the digital ecosystem domain. At Melbourne Girls Grammar, the appointment of a Chief Digital Officer, full BYOT program, and customised learning platforms enable teachers and support staff to effectively leverage data to monitor and evaluate innovation for value add across all aspects of educational programs. These innovative agendas and outcomes mean that students at Melbourne Girls Grammar are developing an enterprising mindset, with enhanced capacity to thrive in the fast digitalising economy and online community spaces.

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