Harnessing Emerging Technologies: Sustainability

Harnessing Emerging Technologies: Sustainability

Year 6 Melbourne Girls Grammar students led an inquiry into Media this term. The students were tasked with answering how new technologies can be harnessed to have a positive impact on society.

Each student chose to address an issue and present a solution utilising an innovative technology such as VR, AR, 360-degree video, interactive media, or e-learning technologies to visually demonstrate their solution.

Abigail elected to answer the question: How might I educate people of what it means to be sustainable in everyday practice?


To address this issue, Abigail decided to create an interactive program to teach people about the impact of everyday decisions and how they affect the environment.

“My message was that it’s the little decisions you make every day that have a big effect.” Abigail, Year 6

“My message was that it’s the little decisions you make every day that have a big effect. I hope that after someone sees my interactive video, they will have a better understanding of what it means to be sustainable and how they can do that,” said Abigail.

Abigail set out to create an interactive program, which provided users with a series of choices, such as whether to drive or take public transport to work, and the decision to pick up a piece of rubbish from the ground or to ignore it, allowing the participant to see the wider impact of the decisions they make upon their environment.

Abigail felt sustainability was an important issue to address, and she feels passionately about making a real difference. The overarching moral of her interactive program was that it only takes a few small changes to make a more considered approach to being sustainable.

“I think that the environment is an important problem to address because the Earth is the only planet we have. It’s the only planet in the solar system which can house us. If we don’t find a way to solve the mistakes that we have already made, there’s no second chances,” Abigail continued.

Creating an interactive program that provides options and explains the impact of the decisions we make is quite the undertaking, and Abigail was able to get a greater understanding of what film makers must go through as she strategically planned for the best outcome.

“To get to my end result I had to go through lots of hurdles. Filming was particularly hard as it took lots of tries before I got the perfect shot that I was happy with. I now understand all the steps and planning that goes towards to create an effective interactive video,” Abigail said.

To see Abigail’s interactive video that address how people can be more sustainable every day, click here.