Girls Gain Access to Global Research Tool

Girls Gain Access to Global Research Tool

Expert survey researcher Gallup has granted MGGS access to the Gallup Analytics database — a portal that allows users to view and analyse data from 160 countries, covering more than 100 questions and topics ranging from wellbeing and economics through to Government and education.


Melbourne Girls Grammar is delighted to be the first school to access the tool. Until now, the database was predominantly deployed by financial institutions and large corporations, in addition to non-Government organisations (NGOs) and universities. The World Bank and several United Nations’ organisations also gather data from Gallup Analytics.

For professionals, the database can be deployed to monitor economic trends, gather employment data and to track a population’s attitudes; helping to inform strategic decision making. For students, access to Gallup Analytics provides a taste of the types of resources they’re likely to encounter in their professional lives.

Gallup Learning Solutions Consultant Jerry Hansen says MGGS was a good fit for Gallup. “Gallup is looking to partner with a few select schools that are not only innovative and savvy in their use of data but also encourage individualized learning around global issues in their curriculum,” says Hansen. “When I came upon the Melbourne Girls Grammar website and spoke with Catherine Misson, it was clear that this was an obvious choice to serve as our pilot partnership.”

MGGS girls will have access to the database for a 12-month period — giving them the opportunity to experiment with detailed searches using a range of metrics and demographics from which they can draw comparisons and gain insights.

Principal Catherine Misson is grateful to Gallup for providing this opportunity. “It is exciting to see our girls using real-world tools within the school environment,” says Misson. “Thanks to the generosity of Gallup and other industry leaders, we’re able to nurture forward-thinking girls with not only a global mindset but practical, hands-on experiences they’ll carry with them as they embark on their careers.”

Upon conclusion of the 12-month trial period, our girls will provide Gallup with their own insights, regarding ways in which the database can be deployed by other young students to complement their learning.